Don’t tell her that you love her
It’s nothing but a lie
You are  just pretending
She’ll  never know just why.

You’ll play her, then leave her
You’ll find somebody new
You’ll charm your way into her heart
She’ll  fall in love with you.

Going  through the motions
The wine and candlelight 
The sex… the best she’s ever had
Until that fateful night.

It’s nothing but a light switch
You turn it on …. then off
You play around …until the time
You finally do get caught.

You like the cat and mouse game
The beginning to  the end
You lead her on, you get your way 
You always play to win.

You make up a story
About having to work late
She buys it for a little while
She sits at home and waits.

You pack your bags, you leave a note
You tell her that you’re through
She falls apart, she blames herself
They never do blame you.


Photo by Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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