Should’a ….spent more time with him
Could’a …..been there more
Would’a ….. if he asked me to
That’s what a daughter’s for.

Hope he didn’t worry much
He rarely did complain
He spent each day with my mom
Their routine was the same.

Up ate 8 , breakfast at 9
Their coffee and their toast
Did they know how much I cared?
I loved them both …. the most.

The ambulance, the stretcher
They started an IV
I saw the look in his eyes
I knew he did love me.

Once inside the ER
He was given oxygen
Sent off to the ICU
I stayed right there ….. with him.

Ups and downs, gowns and gloves
They said he’d get well soon
I watched as his status changed
He never left that room.

The should’a , could’a, woulda’s
Are driving me insane
I can’t seem to face the truth
There is no one to blame.

Our destiny …. out of our hands
Decisions from above
I know that he was truly blessed
I know ….  that he was loved.

Now my mom is all alone
I try hard not to to cry
We both feel the pain and loss
So hard to say, goodbye.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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