Beyond the realm of normalcy
We flail in  the abyss
How could we have elected
A president like this?

A nightmare of such magnitude
Beyond my comprehension
Out of control …. out of his mind
He thrives on bold dissension.

Inciting violence …. no remorse
Promoting white supremacy
Refusing to denounce their charge
Cavorting with the enemy.

Vengeful …. cruel and evil
Craving dictatorship
Denouncing …. The Constitution
Lacking skills of tact and leadership.

Exposing us to danger
Doesn’t care about our safety
Deprives us of transparency
Can’t you see that he is crazy?

Wake up …. it’s our democracy
That’s hanging by a thread
How many more will he infect?
200, 000 plus are dead.


Photo from Google Images: canstockphoto.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

One thought on “WAKE UP”

  1. Best president ever. How has President Trump denounced the constitution? He does not support white supremacy!! You need to stop watching CNN and ABC. They are the enemy of the people.


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