Looky Loo’s will scratch and sniff
They like to look around
They come and go…. they touch and feel
Pick up…. then put things down.

They rarely buy …. there to see
What new items have come in
Walk through the store. …. in and out
They won’t be back again.

They window shop …. check things out
Not there to spend their money
There to fondle …. seek and find
But …. none of this is funny.

Sales are low …. profits down
Customers are needed
Ones that plan to buy something
Not look around …. then beat it.

Violated, used….abused
No serious intentions
Touching all the merchandise
The cause of so much tension.

The rent is due …. trying hard
To make it through the day
Need some paying customers
Not those that walk away.


Photo from Google Images: worldapparelstore.blogspot.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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