All about the money
Status, fame and wealth
Ignores the COVID VIRUS
Doesn’t care about your health.

Boorish and offensive
When will this madness end?
He can’t be re-elected
Can’t go through this again.

Constant finger pointing
Never taking blame
If he stays in office
Nothing’s going to change.

He’ll brag that…. he ‘s the vey best
No honor, guilt or shame
Lies, deceit and hatred
For him it’s all a game.

A bully and a schemer
A con, a crook, a thief
Nothing that he wouldn’t do
To get you to believe.

That he’s your king …. your savior
Without him …. there’s no wall
He’s got you where he wants you
He wants  to take it all.

He has no class or honor
He’s after all the gold
His heart is made of concrete
He’s vengeful  and he’s cold.

Our country is in peril
He really doesn’t care
He plans to win this race himself
And no …. he won’t play fair.

A dictator …. a wanna be
Inciting hate and rage
A spoiled and  tainted “man child”
Oh what a mess he’s made.


Image from Google Images: redbubble.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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