All the while that you were here
The signs were there ….. so crystal clear
I should have known …. I should have seen
All that we had ….was just a dream.

Nothing more than make believe
I should have known …. that you would leave
I held on , held on ….way too tight
You held me close …. right thru the night.

Always knew …. it wouldn’t last
Too much too soon ….. too quick too fast
All at once …. so overwhelmed
You walked right in …. straight out of hell.

The perfect smile …. the perfect kiss
I wanted more …. I wanted this
I didn’t care…. I couldn’t see
You had control …. control of me.

The draw , the grip …. the push and pull
You were so slick …. so fucking cool
The way that you …. could make me feel
Wasn’t human….. wasn’t real.

I had to know where this would lead
What you had planned …. to do to me
Down the twisted rabbit hole
I followed blindly …. your cold dark soul.

Beckoned , baited…. drawn  to you
Hard and fast …. what could I do?
Covered in your scent … your charm
About to face a thunderstorm.

All the while …. I should have known
The way you made me …. scream and moan
All the while ….. I did believe
You’d stay with me …. you’d never leave.

A demon wolf … a cold black heart
You came alive …. there in the dark
The rapture that you made me feel
Was just a dream …. it wasn’t real.


Photo from Google Images: shiftart.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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