What’s happening around me?
Was it you or me ….. that’s changed?
That image in the mirror
Just doesn’t look the same.

I appear a bit distorted
Confused and feeling sad
Everything you’re saying
Is making me so mad.

The dialogue’s redundant
The same thing everyday
Nothing new to tell you
Nothing left for me …. to say.

Standing in the garden 
The weeds above my head
Tangled all around me
I feel such grief …. such dread.

Coffee in the morning 
Guess …. I’ve had too much caffeine 
I’m wandering round in circles 
Awake inside this dream.

The constant fibrillation 
My heart pounding in my chest
Confused …can’t  make decisions
I should, I must  …. I guess.

My hands just won’t stop shaking
My lips are quivering
The wind blows strong …. I’m freezing
Can’t stop …. this shivering.

I think I’m suffocating 
Can’t seem to catch my breath
That’s when I open up my eyes
Realize …. I’m still in bed.

Just a dream, a nightmare
You whisper in my ear
It’s okay…. my darling
It’s all okay ….. my dear.


Image from Google Images: finartamerica.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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