Don’t look to me for comfort
To catch you when you  fall
Don’t try and say you’re sorry
Don’t contact me …. don’t call.

Gotta keep your distance ….
Don’t look at me that way
Keep your thoughts to yourself
There’s nothing left to say. 

You played me …. then you walked away
Left me feeling so ashamed
Said that you were done with me
Left me with the blame.

Nothing that I did or said
Was going to change your mind
You walked out …. no remorse
Nothing left behind.

I begged you for a second chance
But you began to laugh
Said that there was someone else
You’d found your better half.

Don’t come around …. don’t text me
I’m better off alone
Don’t think I’ll be here waiting
If you decide to come back home.

The locks are changed …. no trace of you

Any thoughts of you are gone

Had to face the bitter truth
It was time …. time to move on.


Photo from Google Images: pixastockcom

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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