Everything is  scrutinized
Dissected and then criticized
I can’t eat the bread …. the crust
Stop making noise …. don’t make a fuss.

Peanut butter …. tunafish
Stop watching me…. my fervent wish
Look away …. a few seconds more
Watch the teacher…. watch the door.

Let me throw my lunch away
Don’t talk to me…. no not today
Don’t “tell on me”  …. please not again
Wasting food’s a venial  sin.

The children here …. so mean …. so cruel
I hate it here …. I hate this school
What color is the teacher’s hair?
I feel so weird …. I feel so scared.

She wears a veil upon her head
A robe of black and white …: not red
A band of gold upon her finger
Her voice is soft ….. her touch so tender.

I’m plagued with thoughts …. you’d think are odd
I ask for help… I pray to God
I don’t fit in…. I don’t belong
Everything I do is wrong.

My pint of milk is warm …. not cold
We have to do …. what we are told
Can’t drink it now …. can’t get it down
Can’t let them know …. can’t make a sound.

Don’t raise your hand
Don’t say my name
Don’t say you know 
Who is to blame.

Keep a secret
Please don’t  tell
Don’t let them send me
Straight to hell.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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