You forcibly entered a federal building
Who were you planning …. planning on killing?
What lunatic storms a security door?
What in the world …. did you go there for? 

Surly you knew …. you’d have to face charges 
You’d be arrested …. look at what you started
You’ll spend 20 years …. locked up in a cage 
For one afternoon of chaos and rage.

Screaming and yelling  …. part of a mob
Afraid you might have …. weapons and bombs
War paint and horns …. quite a disguise
Incited by threats …. rumors and lies.

Got it on camera …. cell phones …. videos
Heard Pence would be … be the first …. first to go
Gonna string him up …. then hang him high
Think you won’t get caught …. by the FBI?

Guess you had help …. on the inside
Too bad in the process …. five people have died.
Unlawful entry …. vandalism and more
Stealing laptops …. smearing feces on floors.  

Attacking police
Beating and tazing
Are you out of your mind?
Are you all …. really crazy?

Terrorizing the members …. the members of Congress
Needing to hide …. “so afraid you might find us”
Banging on doors …. with sticks and with bats
The Capitol building now under attack.

Unfortunately…..you are not thinking straight
You’ve been encouraged …. to wail and to hate
You’re part of a cult … part of a pact
Don’t be a fool…. you’re better than that.

Get yourself back …. get back on track
By learning  the truth and  knowing the facts
Trump has been lying …. about all of the votes
He wants to convince you …. that it’s all a hoax.


Photo from Google Images: pressherald.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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