You were one in a million
You stood alone …. amidst the crowd
The music started playing
It was playing awfully loud.

You asked me …. to dance with you
You held me ….. in your arms
I was enthralled …. enchanted
By your looks and your sweet charm.

You came out of nowhere
You kissed me tenderly
I never thought this could happen.
Ever happen like this …. to me.

The chemistry between us
Had ignited a burning flame
I was bewitched …. consumed with passion
Before I even knew your name.

We met for coffee ….. two days later
At a small, quaint, french cafe
You took my hand in your hand
You took my breath away.
You lived around the corner
Two flights up the stairs
You wanted me there with you
I came along, but I was scared.

A once in a lifetime lover
Felt like …. it was a dream
I couldn’t fight it …. didn’t try
I didn’t run …. I didn’t scream.

Nothing feeling that good
Was ever meant to last
Whatever you were doing
It was happening  too fast.

When it all was over
You were done …. you’d had enough
I had to face the music
What you felt…. could not be love.

I wanted to stop crying
Didn’t want it …. all to end
I knew that I had lost you
That we could never be …. just friends.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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