I wish I never knew you
Wish I could forget
Wish I never kissed you
Wish we never met.

Hurts so much remembering
The way things used to be 
So much time I wasted
Wanting you to be with me.

Up all night …. I can’t sleep
What am I to do?
What a waste of time
Spent thinking about you.

You took what you wanted 
No farewell and no goodbyes
Left without a warning
Left me here to mourn …. to cry.

I wish I never loved you
I hope I can forget
Everything about you 
A mistake that I regret.


Photo from Google Images: podchaser.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

3 thoughts on “A MISTAKE”

  1. Some mistakes are good for you, they change you for the better. Others you can’t take back and always regret. Living with your regrets is a part of life. You grow and learn what not to do.


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