The Master of Deception

You whispered softly in my ear
Said  I was your everything 
Then I woke up to find …. you gone
You walked out on me.

I cried and cried ….  I’m still crying
Hard to believe it’s true
I fell so hard ….  so incredibly hard
So deeply in love with you.

I’ve been betrayed ….tricked and cajoled
You are the grand magician
Charming …. charismatic ….  manipulative 
The Master of Deception.

You had a plan …. you led me on
Once sure that I had fallen
You knew it would be easy for you
I was so easily forgotten.

Just passing through …. taking what you can
Feelings come and go
I didn’t see it …. so unexpected
No clue …. I didn’t know.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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