I was left in the dust
Forgotten …. and ignored
You were easily distracted… 
Said that you were  bored.

Found another pretty face
A bright new shiny  coin
I knew right then and there …. for sure 
Knew what was going on.

I tried to look away from you
I didn’t want to cry
So tired of your excuses
And your shameful, dreadful lies. 

You packed your bags so carefully
Took all your precious things 
You left your sneakers on the floor
Took off your wedding ring.

I sat alone and cried …. I did
I cried for weeks and weeks
I whined… I mourned … I carried on 
But in time …. dealt with my grief. 

Years have passed …. life moves on
I can’t say it’s been easy
I felt so lost ….. so sad and alone
At times ….. a little crazy.

But there’s a light ahead for me
Through the tunnel …. round the bend
It won’t be very long now
This journey soon will end.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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