Don’t want to start remembering
Wish I could just forget
The first time that I saw you
The night when we first met.

Filled with longing and emotion
Consumed with pure desire
The power of such passion
My heart was set on fire.

You came over … started talking
I fell for your line, your charm
I felt so weak …so damn naive
So shamefully dis-armed.

Unable to think clearly
You got inside my head
Wish I had known better
And stayed home that night …. instead.

Defenseless ….. suddenly unhinged

Couldn’t keep my head on straight

My thoughts and feelings scrambled

By this time, it was too late.

Should have left after the first drink

Why’d I let you get to me?

You took my hand then whispered

Come home with me…let’s leave.


Photo from Google Images: don’tgetmestarted.lindasharp

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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