Let’s play it by the book
I’ll sign ….you tell me where
What difference does it make?
We both know that  you don’t care. 

Since the day you up and left
Nothing’s ever been the same
You did just what you wanted
Then left me …..with the blame.

She gets your warm, sweet, tender smile
And that shiny new sport’s car
20 years ….. your junior
Now she’s driving a Jaguar.

An upgrade from her old  red jeep
She parked  it down the block
I watched you walking hand in hand
I think I was in shock.

I was taken by surprise  
She was barely over thirty
I watched you there …. from  afar
She was sexy and quite flirty.

You had taken your ring off
Just the day before
Left it with your old  grey socks
In the corner of your drawer.

No tears or explanation
Just a glance and then a sigh
You didn’t leave a note behind
Didn’t even said goodbye. 

What the hell? What’s happening?
After all that we’ve been through 
I never saw it coming
Never saw that side of you.

When she’s mixing you a drink
Hope she’s careful not to spill
Antifreeze is odorless
It’s a poison that can kill.

Heard you put her in your will
She stands to benefit
Gets your pension and your stocks 
Not just half …. but all of it!

Such a foolish silly man
She’s got her hooks on you
You’re just her Sugar Daddy
And you think that she loves you.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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