I try to remember
Though time has long passed
So little remains
It all happened so fast.

I was crushed…. devastated
Couldn’t breathe , catch my breath

I don’t want to remember

Wish I could forget.

Begged you to be quiet
It was too much to bear
The words so confusing
It just wasn’t fair.

So many excuses
I was feeling ashamed
Why did this all happen?
Who’s at fault, who’s to blame?

My hands started shaking
I couldn’t believe

You wanted to go

You were desperate to leave.

So anxious, impatient
it was over and done
You had made up your mind

You were ready to run.

You closed the front door
You walked out on me
No regret or remorse
Left behind was my key.

You weren’t worth the heartache
Yes it’s over, we’re through

So glad that you’re gone

Glad I’m over you.


Photo from Google Images: musixmatch.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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