I try to remember 
But, so much time has passed 
All that’s left ….. delusions 
Just  remnants of the past.

I was crushed….  so devastated
I couldn’t catch my breath
Gut punched and blindsided 
Could not believe the things you said. 

A million lame excuses
You were frantic to explain
Why this had to happen
Oh so sure …. I was to blame. 

My hands would not stop shaking
My heart began to break
It was shattering in pieces
Make it stop for heaven’s sake.

I begged you to be quiet 
It was more than I could bear
The words unclear and jumbled
You really didn’t care.

So anxious and impatient 
You were eager to move on
It wasn’t long …..you left that night
By morning you were gone.

I heard the front door close …then. lock
You had walked out on me
You walked away…. no looking back 
In the mailbox…. was the key.

Weeks went by …. then decades, too
Hard getting over you
Couldn’t spend my life alone
Feeling sad and…. oh so blue. 

You’re not worth the  heartache
I’ve made a life with someone new
Banished all the hurt and pain
Finally gotten over you.


Photo from Google Images: musixmatch.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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