You brought me back
I was slipping away
Fell off the ledge
Baby, I lost my way.

Shattered…. in pieces
Scattered about
My heart was broken
Couldn’t find my way out.

You reeled me in
Baby, you were my lifeline
You held me tight
Told me things gonna be alright..

Weak and confused
Been knocked all around
You held me up
Picked me off the ground.

Battered, abused
Cast aside, left for dead
I’ll never forget

All the things that you said.

You took me home

Knew just what I needed
You stopped the noise
Then you stopped me from bleeding.

No going back
Too little , too late
You took my hand

Walked me right out the gate.

I paid the price
We went too far
I felt the pain
Baby, I got the scars.


You rescued me

I cried out for help

You rescued me

Saved me from myself.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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