I watched you from the window
Watched you walk across the street
I knew that it was over
Though you tried to be discreet.

The bill sent from the florist
The excuse when I asked why
I smelled her sweet perfume
Did my best ….tried not to cry.

The candles …  and the flowers
No longer meant for me
I had to let you go
It was time to set you free.

The late nights …. way too often
I knew what you would say
I tried, but I just couldn’t
Couldn’t make you want to stay.

I couldn’t make you happy
There was just no pleasing you
You said that you were sorry
Can’t you see “it’s me” …. not you?

My heart was badly damaged
It was broken, cracked in two.
No way that we could fix it
Even though I still loved you.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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