Don’t reach for me
I won’t be there
Don’t call my name
Don’t stop and stare. 

We came so far
Not far enough
I wasn’t quite
So strong … so tough.

Thought what we had
Could transcend time
I had no doubt 
That you were mine.

But foolishly
I never knew
I missed the signs
Ignored the clues.

You carried on
I sat at home
You knew that I
Was all alone.

I wanted you 
At any cost
Though knowing I’d been
Double crossed.

With blinders on
I muddled through
Told myself
I could trust you.

All the while
The end was near
There before me
Crystal clear. 

Found you with
Someone else 
No thoughts of me
Here by myself.

It’s over now
Time to move on
Things will be better
With you gone.

No point 
In trying anymore
Let me show you 
To the door.

Here’s your coat
Please take your hat
Don’t want you here
Don’t want you back.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

2 thoughts on “DOUBLE CROSSED”

  1. Thank you for sharing!!…. 🙂
    “Never say I love you
    If you really don’t care,
    Never talk about feelings
    If they really aren’t there.

    Never hold my hand
    If your going to break my heart
    Never say your going to
    If you don’t plan to start.

    Never look into my eyes
    If all you do is lie
    Never say hello
    If you really mean goodbye.

    If you really mean forever
    Then say you will try,
    If not, then never say forever
    Cause forever makes me cry
    (Author Unknown)

    Until we meet again..
    May flowers always line your path
    and sunshine light your way,
    May songbirds serenade your
    every step along the way,
    May a rainbow run beside you
    in a sky that’s always blue,
    And may happiness fill your heart
    each day your whole life through.
    (Irish Saying)


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