I was feeling so alone
Till the night when we first met
I listened so intently
To the things that you had said.

That smile upon your face
That dimple on your chin
Your hair….so soft , so lovely
Blowing gently in the wind.

You seemed so sure .… so confident 
Never knew someone like you
“Will you take a walk with me?”
We had a drink or two.

It was late, but didn’t matter
I was hooked …. head over hills
Didn’t care what time it was
Loved the way you made me feel.

We headed down the rabbit hole
No need for sweet persuasion
I followed you so willingly 
Consumed with expectation.

The ins and outs ….. the twists and turns
Took us quickly round the bend
You took my hand, you held it tight
Right up until the end.

But, nothing lasts forever
Though I wished like hell it could
Things often end the way they are
They end the way they should. 


Photo: bing.com/images

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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