I was startled …. but elated 
He was talking …. talking to me
The octopus was speaking 
It was weird .… hard to believe. 

An awkward conversation
At first I was afraid
I felt a little nervous
But admit …. I was amazed.

After years of swimming solo
Half human and half fish
Always wanting to have friends
Never thought it’d be like this.

A mermaid’s life is lonely
Never really fitting in
Hard to be accepted 
It’s so hard to make new friends. 

He said his name was “Ollie”
He reached out a tentacle 
We made contact for the first time 
It felt strange …. but magical.

Every evening before sunset
Where the water’s not so deep
We would meet and talk for hours
At the sandbar …. near the  reef.

Sometimes we would go swimming
We both loved to swim at night
We would swim and swim for hours
Underneath the pale moonlight. 


Photo: bing.com/images

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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