There’s a monster in my bedroom
He’s there most every night
Fearful he might run amuck
If I turn off the light.

He gets restless and quite noisy
He’s been known to wet the bed
It’s almost time for dinner
He’ ll keep quiet if he’s fed.

He eats staples and loves crayons
I leave them on the floor
He snorts if he’s still hungry
Sometimes I give him more.

He does just what he wants to
I see him in my dreams
He lives beneath my bed frame
He is friendly …. never mean.

His fur is coarse and stubby
His teeth …. an emerald green
In the light I see his long, sharp claws
They sparkle and they gleam.

He makes a lot of noises
Guess he just can’t help  himself
I heard him whine and whimper
Wonder if  he’s feeling well. 

He offers very little
No rent or tax relief
So little compensation
Since he’s only…. Make Believe.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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