Don’t want to need
Or think of you
After all 
You put me through.

Decades later
There you are
Standing there
Beneath the stars.

A walk along
This sandy beach
Now face to face
Yet out of reach.

Two hearts collide
Just as before
No chance …. no way
To ask for more.

You reach for me
I step back
An instinct
To retreat … retract.

Afraid …. unsure
Is this a dream?
Nothing is 
The way it seems.

The sand …. the wind
The ocean breeze
You’re not the one
The one I need.

A memory
Hardly enough
The tide comes in
The water’s rough.

Time to go
Let old scars be
Tossed to the wind
Blown out to sea.


Photo by Angela Galardi.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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