Wish that I 
Could just forget
All my mistakes
Lies and regrets.

All the time 
I spent with you
I should’a known
What you would do.

Too much time
So much heartache
Not enough
No give and take

Left me with
A ton of trouble
Too much for me
To move ….. to shovel.

Up to my knees
I was waist deep
I wasn’t yours
Not yours to keep.

I tried to breathe
Knocked to the ground
Could not get up
You held me down.

With one last breath
I begged …. I pleaded
Had what you wanted  
Not what I needed.

Round the block
Away from you
I knew just what
I had to do.

Came up for air
Took one last breath
Need to move on
Have to forget.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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