When I said you hurt me
You just laughed and shook your head
Left me feeling down so low So sorry that we met.

I was in , got in too deep
Got in …. over my head
You just walked away from me
Told friends that I was dead.

When I think about you now
It’s so hard to believe
You left me bleeding on the floor
Had no concern for me.

Wish every single memory
Could be washed away
Forget the day I met you, girl
All the mistakes I made.

I got in…. got in too deep
Got tangled in the weeds
There’s no doubt about it, girl
You’re not the one I need.

I should have realized then, not now
Always something up your sleeve
Nothing but a lying cheat
Who made a fool of me.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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