Can’t stop this pain I’m feeling
Can’t get you off my mind
Wish I could just forget you
Cause you’re no longer mine.

The  plaguing painful memories
What good are photographs?
I still can see….  your smiling face
I still can hear you laugh.

Echoes playing in my head
Can’t get away from it
They haunt me in the dead of night
Those things that we once did.

Don’t want to think about you
It’s driving me insane
Can’t  shake this feeling deep inside
It’s surfacing again.

You didn’t care … cut me loose
You sent me off …. adrift
Left me with such guilt….remorse
Consumed by the abyss.

The fire so deep inside me
The flames hot to the touch
I couldn’t speak …. I couldn’t move
I wanted you so much.

Every night alone

Every night… lying beside you
I knew it wasn’t right
Should a known…. what could go wrong
I gave in without a fight.

I wish that I had seen the light
Was not expecting this
Rendered helpless …. paralyzed
It started with a kiss.

Empty…. cold and broken
Stripped of my dignity.
All that’s left… a hollow shell
That all that ‘s left of me.

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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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