Who knew that we were meant to be?
Such simple chemistry
I saw you standing at the bar 
You turned and looked at me. 

Just a glance …. a smile …. a look
Somehow it felt so right
I wanted you to want me , too
Was this my lucky night?

The DJ played my favorite song
You reached out for my hand
You led me to the dance floor
You said …. “Come on, let’s dance”!

No second thoughts to hold me back
No need for plaguing doubts
I knew it was …. love at first sight 
You stood out from the crowd.

You had it all…. such style and charm
That mesmerizing voice
Nowhere on earth I’d rather be
I knew I’d made my choice.

You whispered, “Please come home with me
Don’t want to be alone”
I felt a wave come over me
Felt chilled right to my bones.

A glass of wine by candlelight
Your stunning silhouette
My face was flushed …. I felt a thrill
Something I can’t forget.


Photo from:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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