Every hesitation
Every warning sign
Every bit of caution
Feels like I’ve lost my mind.

No way I could just walk away
No way I could resist
I knew that I’d give into her
The first time that we kissed.

The stage was set before me
Well constructed … well designed
The Wine …. Champagne …. the Caviar
The perfect play each time.

Feeling high .… intoxicated
A victim of your spell
An evil demon in disguise
Straight from the bowels of hell.

Your hair ….. your breath …the perfect scent
I was mesmerized
Gave into you….no questions asked
I’d been hypnotized.

Who knew that it would never last
Abruptly…. cast aside
You laughed when tears fell from my eyes
When I began to cry.

Another foolish victim
Came straight …. right thru the door
Unsuspecting …. pure … so naive
Looking for something more.

So welcoming …. all encompassing
You knew how to draw me in
That pretty face …. those dimpled cheeks
That cunning charming grin.

When asked to leave … no parting words
Nothing to come back to
Just a glimpse …. a memory
Of what you made me do.

A taste of lust and madness
You had come … come for my soul
You brought me to the brink of hell
So evil …. cruel and cold.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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