I shouldn’t have to worry
Or be scared to go to school
I shouldn’t be afraid of you
Or what you’re going to do.

The anger and the evil
Is brewing deep inside
Wondering if this could be
The day that I might die.

18 years …still just a boy
Who sold that gun to you?
What government approved the sale
Knowing what that gun could do?

That kind of gun in your hands
Can shred and tear apart
The tissues, bones and organs
Including my own heart.

The clerk behind the counter
Did he question or doubt you?
Why didn’t he refuse to sell
That body armor, too?

So obvious you needed help
But, now it is too late
If only someone had said “no”
They could have changed our fate.

The money made at our expense
By the NRA
Is protected by the senators
Who know they’ll get their way.

Their status and positions
Mean more to them you see
They don’t care about the lives
Of children just like me.

My innocence, my childhood
Now covered in the blood
Shed by my friends and teachers
Can’t you see enough’s enough?

Change the laws … Ban the guns
Don’t just walk away
Stop the senseless killings
Please… you’ve got to find a way!

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

3 thoughts on “FIND A WAY”

  1. I was thinking about you the other night, wondering if you were still blogging, wondering why I haven’t heard from you in ages. This poem … is so perfect … so tragically perfectly fitting. Hope you’re okay, my friend! Let me hear from you sometime … please?


      1. Ah well, then … I’m glad you’ve been doing the things you love and enjoy! Except for the surgery, of course. I hope it fixed the problem! Yes, it was great to hear from you, too … I had worried that perhaps you were ill or had stopped blogging. Sometimes people just drop off the radar in the blogging world. Two of my good blogging buddies have died in the past year, and that’s always sad. Take care and enjoy your writing and music!


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