On the hunt, on the prowl 
Always looking for the prize
Another shiny trinket 
There before your eyes.

Broken hearts, shattered dreams
Stepped over, cast aside
Carelessly , haphazardly
You told so many lies.

Stepping stones … one by one
So sure to get ahead
Taking what you want or crave
Whatever you could get.

Whimsical , flirtatious
So confident… so sure
Wrapped around your finger

I was heart and soul…. all yours.

Every plot and indiscretion
Every single step you’d take
Always calculated
To minimize mistakes.

Deceiving and misleading
No regrets , no restless nights
No concern for pride or trust
No regard for what is right.

Abandoned, yes forsaken
As cunning as a shark
Nothing less…. expected
From …The Queen of Broken Hearts.


Photo from Google: kinky angel.co.uk

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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