Can we meet for coffee
Can you get away?
I’ll meet you on the corner
Let’s meet at that same cafe.

Been busy, writing, playing
Setting up my studio
Found a brand , got a band
Cranking out some stereo.

Let’s take our coffee to the beach
Just like we used to do
Feels so great to just hang out
To spend some time with you.

Can’t get back together
Even if we wanted to
Let’s enjoy the afternoon
Love spending time with you.

Tied the knot, you couldn’t wait
You gave up on me
Thought that you would always be the one TCM get
Here waiting patiently.

Foolish me… to fantasize
After how I treated you
Got what I deserved, for sure
Nothing more that I can do.


Image by….. BIG STOCK

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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