By the time I saw you
I was three sheets to the wind
Been out with friends…was partying
Since quarter after ten.

You knew my late night habits
Knew where I’d be tonight
You always have an angle
We both know …. this isn’t right.

Saw you from a distance
Heard you moved, moved out of town
Nothing here, nothing for you
No need to hang around.

Bitter sweet, it still hurts
You left, walked out on me
Nothing’s going to come of this
Nothing here for you to see.

Tripped and fell so hard for you
I fell head over heels
Not going to make that same mistake
Now I know just how it feels.

Confused, unsure, out of control
Obsessed , in lust with you
Upside down , turned inside out
Still broken, black and blue.

Why you here, why’d ya come?
Want more …. more of the same?
Finish up your drink and leave
Please don’t come back , again!

Image by Three Sheets Bar, GOOGLE IMAGES.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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