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What does it take to get your point across?

A candid remark that bites and stings?
Is that really necessary?
Will that help anything?

Some people are fragile, some egos weak
Why not soften the blow,
When deciding to speak?

Is being honest, direct and always upfront
A good way to be
To always be blunt?

Why not take it easy? Soften the blow
Tread lightly, be kind
Just take it slow.

The sound of your voice ​will sound the alarm
It may cause more pain
It may cause more harm.

Be more supportive, kind and concerned
Consider the outcome
The lessons you’ve learned.

Comfort,​ console, be a good friend
The one she can count on
Right to the end.

Facing the truth comes sooner, than later
Say it with love
Don’t aggravate her.


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While searching for a reason
I found a place to hide
Who knew it was a dungeon
Where the strange and dark reside.

They said they had an answer
They said I could come in
I was hesitant and cautious
That‘s where it all begins.

Didn’t know what they were up to
It must have been a dream
Didn’t really understand.
Or believe the things I’d seen.

I’m not one for wild adventures
Tangled weeds and lots of branches
I’m so afraid of splinters
Never one for taking chances.

I was hoping for an outlet
So tired of the abuse
Hoping for a mindset
A diversion from the truth.

Looking for an explanation
Didn’t know just what to do
Anything to ward them off
From the scent that smells like you.

I’m a misfit, not a magician
Expecting a change of heart
If I can’t find the answers
You‘ll have to play the part.

Hope I can find my way out
From the nightmare, ​I am in
Knowing this was just a dream
That soon comes to an end.


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via Daily Prompt: Horizon


They left their families
They risked their lives
They took their chances
They missed their wives.

The work was dangerous
The pay was high
They were tough
Strong scrappy guys.

Deepwater Horizon
One of the best
They stood alone
Above the rest.

Out in the ocean
While on their own
So far from land
Their fate unknown.

The fire broke out
Men lost their lives
Some were injured
Some survived.

Safety first
They weren’t protected
The company faulted
They were neglected.

Their fate was sealed
The fire began
They had to try
To save each man.

The women too
Three as well
Who would make it?
Time would tell.

The rig blew up
The fire raged
The effort made
Not all were saved.


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via Daily Prompt: Blink


Before I could blink
It was over and done
Before I knew it
You had found someone.

You left me without
Any thought for my feelings
I had no idea
You were lying and cheating.

I’m feeling ashamed
I’m feeling rejected
I should have known
I should have suspected.

Devastated and hurt
My pride to consider
When did this go wrong?
Where did you meet her?

I’d beg you to stay
Get down on my knees
If I thought it would change
What I know and believe.

But, you never loved me
Just passing time
I was your interim
You were never mine.


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via Daily Prompt: Shock


I went into shock
When they voted him in
How did this happen?
Please make it end.

Could never imagine
It would be this bad
That he’d destroy the country
Make so many mad.

The leader of our nation
He’s out of his mind
He’s a heartless racist
So hateful, so unkind.

No regard for honor
Tradition or democracy
A master of manipulation
The king of hypocrisy.

Promoting de-regulations
Destroying our national parks
Drilling of our oceans
Our planet torn apart.

Teetering on destruction
Itching to push the button
Aggravating world leaders
A crass, obnoxious glutton.

Guilty of money laundering
Nepotism and emoluments
Lacking a moral compass
Taking without consequence.

Counting on Mueller
To stop him in his tracks
Send him off to prison
It’s time to face the facts.

He’s demented and illiterate
A spoiled, ​self-centered​ clown
A child who wants to have his way
We’ve got to take him down.


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Special thanks to SARISH for nominating me for THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD. It is a great compliment to be nominated​, by a fellow blogger.

“It’s an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.”
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Three Things About Me:

1) I live in​ Florida.

2) I’m an indie filmmaker.

3) I relocated from New York.

QUESTIONS from Sarish for me:

1) Who had the biggest impact on you while you were growing​ up?

One of my Junior High School teachers.

2) What one day of your life would you put on infinite repeat?

A day spent with my soul mate.

3) What is your favorite blog post that you’ve written?

A response to the prompt SPARKLE.

4) Name one place you’ve never been but would like to vacation.


5) What’s the craziest conversation you’ve overheard?

A conversation I overheard in a restaurant by two other patrons.


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3) Where would you like to live?

4) Who is your favorite recording artist?

5) Do you like soda?

May not be my best, but it is my favorite​ post (on my blog):
SPARKLE Dec. 1, 2017


via Daily Prompt: Agile


Like the branches of a willow tree
She moves with grace and ease
Her agile stride compliments
Any soft and gentle breeze.

So delicate and tender
She moves with style and grace
She stands alone on her own
Immune from time and space.

Remarkable and flexible
Bending with the wind
Never harshly responding
To the​ demands of anything.

She knows what’s important
What to address or leave alone
She will walk or turn away
Her reaction sets the tone.

She won’t give credence
To the whining or the scorn
She has little patience
For the weak or the forlorn.

You can learn a lesson
From her ability to bend
Go with the flow, be limber
Don’t be brittle, learn to blend.