Risking it all
I turn to you
Thinking it will be different,
But, it never is.
Same old, same old.
Looking for a fresh start
Why do I keep listening?
Got nothing but a broken heart

Brazen and belligerent
I feel the sting
My pride left tattered
My thoughts wandering
Unfulfilled, unsatisfied
Always the same take
Split in half, indecisive
One more failed mistake.

I pray they take you
Leave me on my own
Free to start all over
I can’t, I can’t go on
Saddled with broken promises
Overwhelming debt
There’s got out be a way out
A way I can forget.

I heard the sirens
Saw the lights
Your house burned to the ground
I saw them carry out your dog’s remains
All that had been found
No more second chances
No more second bets
You’re nothing but a loser
That I hope I can forget.


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via Daily Prompt: Creature


Through the forest
Into deep brush
A creature lives
In thicket plush
Thick with vines
Weeds and moss
I wandered in
Completely lost.

Sunlight fades
I heard him growl
Time running out
The smell so foul
Within a cave
Dark and deep
He had awoken
From his sleep.

Matted hair
Face of gray
Hands like paws
He waits for prey
Sunlight wanes
Fog rolls in
Day is gone
Night begins.

Upon a branch
Up on high
Sits the owl
I start to cry
No way out
Nowhere to hide
What to do?
I’m terrified.

Hunts and pecks
I start to pray
Will I become
His lunch today?
I start to run
I trip and fall
I start to crawl.

Scattered bones
All around
The eerie noise
The horrid sounds
He screams, he barks
Breathing fire
I saw the sparks
Beyond the brier.

Frantic now
Hoping I
Get out alive
From a cliff
I take the leap
Before I land
I wake from sleep.

Just a dream
It wasn’t real
Though it felt
So surreal
No freaks, no fear
No scary gnomes
I made it home.


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My puppy had to have surgery
She had a mass under her chin
She had a second one on her right paw
We went back to the vet again.

Every time we get out on the road
She knows just where we’re going
She starts to shake, rattle and roll
You can hear her softly moaning.

The helpless look in her eyes,
The restless panting and the panic
Poor thing is just so terrified
She’s so nervous and so frantic.

Once we’re there, she cowers down
Her tail between her legs
She paces while we’re waiting
She whines and begins to beg.

About this time I start to cry
The tech offers me a tissue
I try and explain myself to her
But she’s familiar with this issue.

The follow-up visit is over and done
They gave us a pill or two
To help relieve her post-op pain
To help relax her, too.

She’s sound asleep at home now
No strange sounds or weird smells
She’s relaxed and seems quite comfortable
As far as I can tell.


Off script and unpredictable
He awaits an interview
With no one to protect him
No telling what he’ll do.

Nothing but a liar
A sad excuse of a man
Disrupting our fair nation
In any way he can.

Stopping immigration
No compromise at all
Too busy with his own plans
To build a needless wall.

Colluding with the enemy
Putin his trusted comrade
No respect for democracy
They say that he has gone mad.

Tax cuts for the very rich
Who cares about the poor
No meaningful incentives
Of that you can be sure.

Devising stories built on lies
A master of deception
Clouds of smoke, dust and dirt
It’s all about corruption.

Out of context, bold faced lies
He takes all that he can
Double talk and jibberish
Such a weak pathetic man.


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via Daily Prompt: Sympathize


I can sympathize, but don’t accept
Your need to castigate and condemn others
Your unyielding and unforgiving stance
With no allowance for weakness in another.

Are you so pure and without fault?
Without guile and vulnerability?
Can’t you see humanity in forgiveness?
What has fostered such hostility?

Too much time spent in the dark
Where it was damp and often cold
No windows to look out from
Always doing what you were told.

Who told you kindness was a weakness?
Who said you needed to be punished?
Where did you learn this castigation?
Were you ignored, often admonished?

Too often blamed and then condemned
Scrutinized and then rejected
Left alone too many times
You were so blatantly neglected.

Though this accounts for your demeanor
It’s not a reason to pass judgment
On those less fortunate and in need
Of your love and acknowledgment.

We have to learn from past mistakes
Or we are doomed to repeat all over
The crimes committed in our childhood
By our fathers and our mothers.


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Didn’t know wha-cha wanted
Didn’t know wha-cha come fer

Didn’t hear the screen door slam.
Thought you was in the kitchen.

Beer, wine and butts running low
Half cup of stale coffee left from mornin.

Fixin to make another pot
You coming or go-in?

Fed the dawgs and chickens
Put up fourteen bales of hay, a-ready.

Pose to rain da safternoon
Sky’s turnin gray.

Got some biscuits in the oven
How bout some eggs with dat?

Gotta a chunk a this here bacon
You up for some poke fat?

If ya staying, pull up a chair.


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Ever dealt with a procrastinator?
If you did, you’d know it’s true
Putting things off indefinitely
Is what they like to do.

If they have a paper due
They’ll start the night before
They will do the minimum
And not a sentence more.

If they need to clean the house
They’ll watch TV instead
A deadline is their kryptonite
It messes with their head.

Paying bills, answering calls
Hard for them to do
Late notices and penalties
Their bills always overdue.

Like an ostrich with its head in the sand
Their thoughts are up in the clouds
Don’t count on them to get things done
They’ll do as little as allowed.

If you need a project done
From start, right thru completion
Think twice before you hire someone
You know with this condition.


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