via Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks

Like a frayed piece of cloth
My life is suspended in midair
Held together by tenterhooks.
No one attending to, no one to care.

Passerbys come close to
But, at last minute look away
Afraid to be shamed, or at
The very least, asked to stay.

The sun beats down upon me
Rays of light drying and removing
The true colors and fabric of
My being…… never, never soothing.

Cracked and pale I remain there
Forgotten and misplaced
Wishing I could at last forget
That look upon your face.

When you said that it was over
When you turned and walked away
My heart shattered into pieces
Nothing left, nothing to say.


via Daily Prompt: Age

Act you age, they say to me
What does that really mean?
Why can’t I get an eyebrow ring?
Who says they’re just for teens?

I like to put the top down
Feel the wind blow thru my hair
In my flashy red convertible
As the people stop and stare.

I wear whatever I want to
Sport’s bras and capris pants
I like to listen to hip hop
Like to sing and like to dance

My boyfriend’s in his sixties
And, I am Eighty-Four
Who says that he’s too young for me?
He’s what I need, and more.

We love fine wine and candlelight
Sitting by the fire
Cuddling and talking
Life’s grand once you retire.



Your eyes sparkle like diamonds
And your voice, it’s mesmerizing!
I spend half of my day
Alone in my mind, admittingly….fantasizing
Fantasizing about you,
The girl in the coffee shop.

I watch you come in everyday
You stop in, to pick up your coffee
A caramel macchiato with extra caramel
But, you’ve never even noticed me
I sit by the door and watch you,
The girl in the coffee shop.

My therapist says , “Talk to her,
Start a conversation”. I don’t think so.
I’m too intimidated, too shy.
I wouldn’t know what to do
I wouldn’t know what to say, to
The girl in the coffee shop.

You always walk in alone
No children, friends or a partner
Just you, carrying a book.
You once sat at a table, in the corner.
I couldn’t interrupt. You were reading, you
The girl in the coffee shop.

One day, you walked in, without a book.
There was no sparkle in your eyes.
I could tell that you’d been crying.
I had to approach you. I had to know why.
You said, “ You’re the boy, who sits by the door,
The boy at the coffee shop”.

Her name is Sara. She lives nearby.
Only three blocks away, from me.
She said her dog died, that morning,
That she had buried him, beside an oak tree.
I bought her coffee. We sat and talked,
Me and the girl in the coffee shop.


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Parched and void of feelings

Clamoring to climb the ladder

Stepping over anyone

Who really doesn’t matter


Greed and lust, a guiding force

Always right on track

A deep seeded need to conquer

Never looking back.


Scouting and planning

She combs the conference room

Calculating her next plan

A victim she can groom


Innocence, an aphrodisiac

Lured thru a maze of doubt

A calculating player

It’s what she’s all about


Step inside, look around

Just one chance to find the door

Once she hands you a martini

You’ll forget, what you came for.



Hair on fire

Hearts galore

Moving at the speed of light

Breaking every barrier

A thief passing thru the night

Lightning round

Sweat burns

Blinded by adoration

Stripped and bare, she obliges

His propensity, degradation

Sights and sounds

Music, fame

Lights flashing on the wall

Sirens wail in the distance

Just waiting for him to fall

Slight of hand

Drug of choice

Spilled out onto the floor

There’s no way to pull back now

When she’s crying out for more

Lightning strikes

Beating hearts

Paralyzed with fear

She turns her head and realizes

Finally brought to tears

Moving on

Don’t look back

Keys left upon the table

No safety net, no parachute

She leaves, while she’s still able.


I marvel at the site of the ocean.

Love living near the beach.

The sounds, the smells, the feeling

Of the sand  beneath my feet.


It’s all about the sea life

Turtles, Sharks , and Man of War.

Walking and gathering treasures,

That make their way  to shore.


Messages in a bottle,

Old bobbers, buckets and pails,

Left behind, carelessly  abandoned

Along with a few broken shells.


A weathered piece of driftwood

A souvenir from a perfect day.

Walking  along the shoreline

Watching thee pelicans at play.


Sand crabs and small children

Digging tunnels in the sand

The seagulls flying overhead

The sight of the lone fisherman.


A ball of fire extinguishing

Settling  beyond the horizon.

Slipping slowly beneath the edge

Light passing as night begins.


The moonlight now illuminates

The waves as they approach the beach

The water is now glistening

The birds have gone to sleep.


Standing on the  dunes.

The cool salt air and gentle breeze,

Remind me of the magic

Of a day spent on the beach.



Elephants do matter

They are creatures due respect.

They are massive, they are majestic.

They are animals to protect.


Why would, you want to hunt them?

So defenseless and unprotected.

Are you so shallow, so insensitive?

Were you really that neglected?


Does a gun make you feel powerful?

Does killing and maiming,  make you an man?

Does taking lives and violating,

As you tread on sacred land?


Elephants are dying

Sacrificed for greed and glory.

Their ivory sold on the black market.

There’s no end, to this sad story.


Photos taken with tail in hand

Speaks volumes about you.

What kind of sick , malicious man

Would do,  what you could do?


The whole world is now watching.

They see,  what you are capable of.

Your need to seek attention,

Your lack of respect and love.


Money, fame and glory,

Your only guiding force.

Makes us sick to our stomachs,

To know, there’s  no recourse.


We complain, as often as we can,

On Facebook and on Twitter.

Your plan to rape and pillage our planet,

Leaves us frustrated and so bitter.


We’re hoping for a miracle,

For people to come to their senses.

To stop your family from destroying us.

And, to end the need for fences.


It starts with caring for all of those

Unable to care for themselves.

We must stand up to bullying.

We must find a way to help.


It begins with protection for animals

For the young and the very old.

Then removing a power hungry man,

From what he considers to be, his throne.


We’ll take you down eventually.

Such evil cannot prevail.

The hunter will become the hunted,

Once you all end up in jail.


For now, leave the mighty elephant alone.

There is no honor in the killing,

Witnessed by her herd and calf

Such a tragic lack of feelings.