via Daily Prompt: Shock


I went into shock
When they voted him in
How did this happen?
Please make it end.

Could never imagine
It would be this bad
That he’d destroy the country
Make so many mad.

The leader of our nation
He’s out of his mind
He’s a heartless racist
So hateful, so unkind.

No regard for honor
Tradition or democracy
A master of manipulation
The king of hypocrisy.

Promoting de-regulations
Destroying our national parks
Drilling of our oceans
Our planet torn apart.

Teetering on destruction
Itching to push the button
Aggravating world leaders
A crass, obnoxious glutton.

Guilty of money laundering
Nepotism and emoluments
Lacking a moral compass
Taking without consequence.

Counting on Mueller
To stop him in his tracks
Send him off to prison
It’s time to face the facts.

He’s demented and illiterate
A spoiled, ​self-centered​ clown
A child who wants to have his way
We’ve got to take him down.


Image from Google Images: cnn.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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