Sometimes we stay
When we should go
Sometimes we find it
Too hard to let go.

We hope things will change
But they never do
It always comes back
To me and then you.

No better outcome
Things stay the same
The truth is apparent
And we’re both to blame.

You can’t ask someone
If the feeling’s not there
To pretend to need you
To pretend that they care.

The tears they are crying
Are not meant for you
They’re waiting around
For their dreams to come true.

Waiting for someone
They can relate to
Someone who’s different
And nothing like you.

Maybe tomorrow
Maybe today
She’ll say that it’s over
Then she’ll walk away.

Gather your pride
Your purse and your cash
Be ready to end it
It’s not meant to last.

Once she has met him
Once she has gone
You’ll wish that you hadn’t
Waited so long.


Image from Google Images: pinterest.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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