Every night
She took a walk
She never thought
That she’d be stalked.

He watched her
From a dark place
She’d leave her house
He’d leave no trace.

In the shadows
Just out of sight
He watched her walk
Night after night.

He wanted her
He had a plan
He was a cold
A cold, cruel man.

He waited patiently
Near a garage
She walked right passed him
Just because.

He was reminded
They looked alike
She resembled
His hated wife.

It was so dark
No one could see
He was there hiding
Behind a tree.

He grabbed her quickly
From behind
Muffled her screams
There was no time.

Pulled her into
His dark, gray van
By a strong man.

He used a drug
To keep her quiet
It was the first time
That he had tried it.

When she awoke
Bound and gagged
It was all over
He placed a bag.

So snug and tight
She couldn’t breathe
Then took her body
Straight out to sea.

He had a boat
The night was clear
Just passed the bay
He left her there.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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