Put down your shield and armor
Close your eyes and say, “Good Night”
You’ve fought your share of battles
You’ve been a brave and noble knight.

You shouldn’t have to try so hard
To defend your family
To stand up for what is right
For freedom and dignity.

Slavery was abolished
So many years ago
Yet your life’s being threatened
Be careful where you go.

Shots fired in your direction
Run and don’t look back
Young men are being murdered
Just for being….being black.

“Stop right there, put your hands up
Get your hands out of your pockets
Get down on the ground, don’t make a sound”
There’s no way you can try and stop it.

Everyone that passes by,
Or looks out of their window
Is taking out their cell phones
Trying to get this tapped on video.

Scared to death, you don’t dare move
You don’t know what to do
One false move, may be your last
It will be the end of you.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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