Every single afternoon
Seven days a week
I make my way to the local cafe
Located just down the street.

I watch the other patrons
Some come in and sit alone
They open up their laptops
Or text and tweet on their cell phones.

I order a cup of coffee
Extra sweet and extra light
I wonder what they like to do
How they spend their days and nights.

Some seem in a quite a hurry
They are anxious and uptight
They don’t seem to be very happy
And are usually not  very polite.

They neglect to fill the tip jar
They take their order and walk away
The barista usually calls out to them
“Hope you have a very good day”.

Some people lack good karma
They are angry most of the time
They seem overwhelmed and miserable
Guess they have a lot on their minds.

I find it quite relaxing
Spending time at the cafe
Sometimes it’s entertaining
It’s the highlight of my day.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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