They closed down the local bookstore
Packed up and moved away
I loved buying and perusing books
Having coffee in their cafe.

The quiet of the bookstore
The bonding and comraderie
Meeting friends for a cup of coffee
How I loved the company.

Books read “on line” … just aren’t the same
I want to hold them in my hand
Check out the pages one by one
Is this so hard to understand?

Always looking for that special book
The one unlike no other
I look through all the interesting ones
Checking them out from cover to cover.

Who wants to read an ebook?
Can’t touch the pages on a screen
Everything is automated
Like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Farewell old friends on bookshelves
Hope those  jackets keep you warm
I will miss our time together
Your  quaint appeal, your musty charm.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

6 thoughts on “BOOKSTORE”

  1. I would miss bookshops too although I can’t afford to buy new books too often. I do use an eReader for travel and reading in bed but I still have my bookshelves. The Op Shop where I volunteer is very popular with local bookworms, we get loads of books donated but have our regulars who come in looking for favourite authors and tourists looking for a holiday read.

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