via Daily Prompt: Calling


Calling out for help
Can’t you see, I’m drowning?
The walls are caving in
The pain is so astounding.

The darkness closes in
I can’t see the light
I can’t find my way out
Nothing’s turned out right.

Blinded by my past
Immobilized and down
No reason to even try
No hope left, to be found.

Tethered to mistakes
Unable to break free
Judged by my past actions
Has proved too much for me.

Reaching out and desperate
I’ve tried to find a way
Holding on and frantic
I’ve watched hope slip away.

It’s faded in the distance
It’s lost forever more
No chance to be recaptured
The lock’s now on the door.

Facing the finality
I’m lost, no chance remains
Stripped of all I valued
Left with only guilt and blame.


via Daily Prompt: Relate


Feeling overwhelmed
I can relate
The hustle and bustle
The children can’t wait!

The presents, the shopping
The cooking and more
The crowding, the pushing
Inside of the stores.

The wrapping, the planning
The dinners for eight
The table you’re setting,
The decorative plates.

Cookies and candy
Popcorn and nuts
Garland and mistletoe
Hung from above.

The tree and the manger
The paper and bows
The glitter and tinsel
The cold and the snow.

Can’t wait to sit down
And, just take a rest
A cup of hot chocolate
Whipped cream is the best.

Christmas will be here
And, over so fast
Before you can blink
The day will be passed.

Enjoy your family
The smiles on their face
As they open their presents
Before, it’s too late.

The years will pass by
The kids will grow up
It’s worth all the effort
It’s worth all the fuss.


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via Daily Prompt: Compass


He lacks a moral compass
We’re heading off a cliff
Without regard for honor
Our ship will float adrift.

Selfish, narcissistic
Blatant lack of care
Our ship has lost its rudder
Our course, will lead nowhere.

Only his voice matters
It’s all he listens to
He’ll throw you overboard
With no plan to rescue you.

Given too much power
Heading…. full speed ahead
He’s not interested in democracy
Wants a dictatorship, instead.

Time for us to redirect
A mutiny’s at hand
Relieve him of his duty
We need to take a stand.

More rough water lies ahead
We need a steady course
We’re going to be run aground
Our condition’s getting worse.

Call all hands, up on deck
We’re heading thru rough weather
We have to stop this madman
We have to stick together.

Impeachment and imprisonment
His instability quite clear
A listing vessel, he’ll always be
A mass of greed and fear.


via Daily Prompt: Bliss


What is marital bliss?
A wink, a hug, and a butterfly kiss?
If you were asked,
Could you make a list?

Dinner with candlelight?
Expensive champagne?
The feeling you get,
When he speaks your name?

Breakfast in bed?
A rose on the tray?
The look in his eyes
The things that he’d say?

The touch of his hand
The first time you kissed?
Too many to mention
Too many to list.

How about the laundry?
Does he offer to help?
Or, leaves it to you
To do all by yourself?

Does he change diapers
Helps with the kids?
Does he try to blame you
For, the things that he did?

Does he rub your feet
At the end of the day?
Get you a blanket
Have his own way….

Of making you feel good
So, you’ll feel secure?
When having self doubts
Or, not feeling so sure?

If he’s got your back
And, he likes to kiss
I’d say you’ve defined it
It’s called, Marital Bliss.


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via Daily Prompt: Silent


Keep silent, they say
Don’t utter a word
We can’t let them know
They soon will be hurt.

Their taxes will double
Their benefits gone
Our bank accounts increase
Who cares, if it’s wrong?

Their children will suffer
The old and the weak
We don’t have to worry
Our treasures we keep.

Our children make out
With low estate tax
No worry for us
Chill out and relax.

We’ll silent the masses
No room to complain
Their wishes don’t matter
For, they are to blame.

They chose to elect
A selfish buffoon
Now, they will suffer
The end will be soon.

But, we will be quiet
We’ll sneak the bill thru
They won’t be the wiser
And, neither will you.


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A meager salary
Is all she received
For dusting, for scrubbing
And keeping things clean.

A scrub brush, a vacuum
Her tools of the trade
She dressed all in white
They called her, “The Maid”.

She carried a tote bag
Filled with old rags
She cleaned out their toilets
Their closets and bags.

She organized books, pencils and pens
Scrubbing the floors, the walls in the den
She did all the dishes, the pots and the spoons
Prepared lunch for two, everyday before noon.

Croissants and crumpets, two cups of tea
She served them their snack, precisely at three.
She rarely spoke, no complaints ever heard
She kept to herself, never uttered a word.

At the end of the day, she headed for home
She lived by herself, she was always alone.
With Christmas approaching, she baked everyday
Wrapped all their presents, for their holiday.

On Christmas day, she served them smoked turkey
Stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy
While they opened their gifts , she cleaned up the kitchen
No one thought of her, not once was she mentioned.

Maybe she might, want to sit for awhile
Stop what she’s doing, before cleaning the tiles
Share just a bit of holiday cheer
With the people she cared for… each day through the year.

But, no presents for her, no Christmas blessings
Just more of the same, she cleaned up their messes.
No Christmas bonus, no extra fare
Nothing was done, to show that they cared.


A CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY …reblog 12/15/17

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via Daily Prompt: Legend


He was sure that he was someone
Someone fine and quite good looking
He was the master in the kitchen
And, believed the best at cooking.

But, truth be known, he barely could
Even make a cup of tea
He was unable to follow recipes
A chef he’d never be.

He was sure that he had prowess
As an athlete, he excelled
He believed he was the best
That is, as far as he could tell.

But, when it came to running
Poor thing had two left feet
He was unable to ever qualify
Or compete, in a track meet.

He would sing while in the shower
All alone and in his car
He was sure he had the best voice
And, would one day be a star.

But, when he opened up his mouth
Breaking into song
The dogs that lived in his neighborhood
Began to howl along.

Having a way with the ladies
Made him quite the office flirt
He’d smile and wink, believing
He was their favorite, at work.

But, the crowd at the water fountain
Dispersed, whenever he walked in
Not wanting to be associated
With a misfit guy like him.

He really was quite special, though
Very sweet and always kind
Though not the best at everything
He remains ….A Legend in his own mind.


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via Daily Prompt: Inheritance


Counting on an inheritance
May not be, what you should do
There are several considerations
Before, deciding what to do.

Counting on the money
May be more, than just a crutch
Fighting with your siblings
Can prove to be too much.

Dividing up possessions
Be it jewelry, books or cars
Can prove to be so hurtful
No matter who you are.

You try your best, to get along
With your motives, still in question
No matter how fair you try to be
You still face cold rejection.

Family may not stick together
They may turn their backs on you
It won’t be very easy
But, you’ll have to see this thru.

As court appointed executor
Your role is to follow the law
The end result is not your choice
It was never your last call.

Your parents did whatever they could
Looking out for the three of you
There’s no reason to quarrel, or to get mad
Or, to blame their loss on you.

An equal split, divided three ways
Sounds pretty fair to me
No reason to be resentful
It’s just the way, that it should be.


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via Daily Prompt: Theory


I have a theory
about our fate
Where we will end up
And, why it’s too late.

We’re governed by men
with no moral compass
We follow blindly
Not a hero among us.

No one to stand up to
Money and greed
Power governs
Takes what it needs.

Nothing left
for the mild and meek
The strong prevail
Then, blame the weak.

The moral high ground
A slippery slope
Nothing left
No future, no hope.

The two percent
Will lead our nation
Despite the proven

Slight of hand
Right before your eyes
You’ve lost your freedom
Still wondering why?


via Daily Prompt: Elegance

She was the height of elegance
Though she stood, but 5 feet tall
She spoke with the voice of an angel
Though she seemed to be quite small.

The power of her stunning words
Spoke volumes about us
She reflected upon small-mindedness
And the need to change, what was.

Pure evil and blatant racism
Were her foes, her nemesis
She fought a battle every day
Defeating hate and prejudice.

Marching down a crowded street
For what she believed was right
Was often met with hostility,
Though she knew that she was right.

Never giving in to pressure
To threats of pain or bodily harm
She showed up each and every day
To loudly sound the alarm.

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