He’s a jolly guy with a red flushed face
Lives one flight up, above my place
He’s up all night, sleeps all day
Never an unkind word to say.

He’s always smiling, never frowns
As he makes his way about the town
Can often be found at the local bar
Sipping whiskey, and smoking cigars.

His hair is long, his beard is white
He stays up drinking half the night
A beer belly, with a bright red nose
Where he came from, no one knows.

He’ll tell you he’s had, but one career
Works just one week, throughout the year
He sits in a chair at Bloomingdales
Telling children stories and Christmas tales.

The kids all love him and clamor around
You can hear a pin drop, hardly a sound
He tells them he’s been with reindeers and elves
They believe every word and he believes it himself.

Visions of workshops, with hundreds of toys
To be delivered to good girls and boys
The children are wide eyed and mesmerized
They sit at his feet, almost hypnotized.

Mystical, magical, who wouldn’t believe?
When you are with him, you don’t want to leave
He shares their dreams, as they sit on the floor
One week a year… is what he lives for.



Image from Google Images: dreamstime.com


via Daily Prompt: Degree

Drop it down a degree or two
I feel like my hair’s on fire
I want to run, I want to hide
God Damn it, you’re such a liar!

How did it ever come to this?
I thought we were doing fine
How could I have been so deceived?
How could I have been so blind?

All the while, it was just about you
I was never part of your plan
I was a mere filler, keeping pace
I’m just beginning to understand.

You’ve been down this road, many times before
Planning and plotting as you troll
Always looking for the unsuspecting one
Anyone to advance your goal

Money, status and power
You’re determined to make your way
Satisfying your primal urges
You were born to seek, then stray.

The road is always greener
From your view inside the door
It’s always just a matter of time
You will always be wanting more.

Your climb up the corporate ladder
Each rung another broken heart
You stepped so hard, you shattered mine
My life’s been torn apart.

I’m picking up the pieces now
Trying to rearrange them one by one
Hoping some day, to be over you …. to
Forget the damage that’s been done.

Image: Shattered, yettiye.wordpress.com


via Daily Prompt: Varnish

Why not put a spin on it
A coat of paint, a film, some varnish?
Can’t you make it right?
Are you just out to punish?

Can’t you just forget
Pass it over, let it go?
Why hold a grudge? What good will it do?
What does it say, say about you?

Forgive and forget
Let go of the past
Where’s this going to take you?
Some things just don’t last.

Love isn’t forever
Loyalty’s a must
Without it, there’s nothing
You have to have trust.

Liars and manipulators
Bullies and psychopaths
What did you expect?
They had the last laugh.

Image from Google Images: dreamtime.com


via Daily Prompt: Gorge

He was more than simply overweight
He was a greedy, eating machine
Gobbling down every morsel in sight
While licking his plate clean.

Insatiable and incurable
Needing serious psychological help
He’d take his fill, then ask for more
While clearing his pantry shelf.

No matter what the occasion
His focus never seemed to stray
He’d always ask for seconds
Or that third piece of birthday cake.

He couldn’t seem to help himself
Although he often tried
Encouraged to eat healthy
He’d still ask for his fish… fried.

Sad as it was, he just couldn’t stop
His tummy getting bigger and bigger
Then one day, it finally popped
Like a gun with a hair finger trigger.

Spaghetti and meatballs, cheese puffs and chips
Spilled out all over the floor
The last words he spoke were the saddest of all
He simply asked for … more.

Image from Google Images: recipes hub.com


They call me, “Chubby Mermaid”
“Sea Cow” or “Manatee”
Some say I’m funny looking
And don’t care too much for me.

You can find me at the river
I’ll be out there swimming around
I’m kind of big, I’m supersized
I weigh six hundred pounds.

Eating is my past time
I like seaweed and green lettuce
My friends like to do the same
There’s not a skinny one among us.

We can swim on top of water
Or use our fin to stand our ground
Just beneath the ocean’s surface
Is where we might be found.

We are magical and fancifulj
A site beyond belief
Moving slowly thru the water
Just below or underneath

So, if you want to meet a mermaid
And have nothing much to do
We will be right here in Florida
Waiting patiently for you.


Children’s Book: MY CHUBBY MERMAID by Patty Richardson.
Available on amazon.com



You stand before me with pious arrogance
Projecting such saintly virtues
When if the truth be known, everyone might wonder
What evil lies inside of you.

Casting down, so quick to judge
How could you be so cruel?
Sanctimoniously extolling moral virtues
While breaking every rule.

The rules that govern and guide you
Lead down a path of condemnation
Proclaimed by a master orator
You’re but a mere abomination.

Fire and brimstone, your godly creed
Any excuse to cast aspersions
Upon the souls of the mild and meek
You delight in your perversions.

Your house of glass will crack in time
You’re not free of guilt and blame
Like a darkened shroud, it will engulf you
Blanketing you in shame.

Image from Google Images: ccdcroslyn.com






I can’t, though I want to.
I want to move back to Woodstock.
The air was clean…….the political climate, in line with my own.
Waking to the sound of the birds, outside my bedroom window.
The snow blanketing the forest around me.
Watching the deer eating winter berries, and the chipmunks scampering across the old stone wall.

Wish I never left.


Image from Google Images: shutterstock.com


They’re not going to stop him
He’s out to destroy our country
Breaking laws, sacrificing lives
So insatiably power hungry

Rude and abusive language
Unwanted sexual assaults
Emolument laws ignored
Denying he’s at fault.

Please come to your senses
Cast aside power and greed
Get him out of office
He’s not what this country needs.

Colluding with the enemy
Welcoming hostile governments
Clearly committing treason
What’s going to become of us?

Blatant nepotism
His whole family involved
Can’t you see the damage?
All he cares about is golf.

He is without honor
No moral empathy
No regard for loss of life
By those in our military.

Take a look around you
Don’t wait till it’s too late
He’s selling out our freedom
While promoting greed and hate.


Patinavia Daily Prompt: Patina

Like a bad penny, that keeps coming back
I’m beginning to see the changes in hue
Your worn, torn patina glaze has cast doubt
There’s just no getting close to you.

Run for the hills I’ve heard them say
She’s nothing but, evil and calculating
She’ll steal your heart and trample your pride
Her charm….. so intoxicating.

Once new and pristine in appearance
Has now turned cold and oh so warn
How could I have been so foolish
To believe you felt anything more than scorn?

Alluring and attractive , like a shiny new penny
You’ve turned heads and sparked many tales
Of love and lust and pure wonder
Your enticing charm never fails.


via Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks

Like a frayed piece of cloth
My life is suspended in midair
Held together by tenterhooks.
No one attending to, no one to care.

Passerbys come close to
But, at last minute look away
Afraid to be shamed, or at
The very least, asked to stay.

The sun beats down upon me
Rays of light drying and removing
The true colors and fabric of
My being…… never, never soothing.

Cracked and pale I remain there
Forgotten and misplaced
Wishing I could at last forget
That look upon your face.

When you said that it was over
When you turned and walked away
My heart shattered into pieces
Nothing left, nothing to say.