Your eyes sparkle like diamonds
And your voice, it’s mesmerizing!
I spend half of my day
Alone in my mind, admittingly….fantasizing
Fantasizing about you,
The girl in the coffee shop.

I watch you come in everyday
You stop in, to pick up your coffee
A caramel macchiato with extra caramel
But, you’ve never even noticed me
I sit by the door and watch you,
The girl in the coffee shop.

My therapist says , “Talk to her,
Start a conversation”. I don’t think so.
I’m too intimidated, too shy.
I wouldn’t know what to do
I wouldn’t know what to say, to
The girl in the coffee shop.

You always walk in alone
No children, friends or a partner
Just you, carrying a book.
You once sat at a table, in the corner.
I couldn’t interrupt. You were reading, you
The girl in the coffee shop.

One day, you walked in, without a book.
There was no sparkle in your eyes.
I could tell that you’d been crying.
I had to approach you. I had to know why.
You said, “ You’re the boy, who sits by the door,
The boy in the coffee shop”.

Her name is Sara. She lives nearby.
Only three blocks away, from me.
She said her dog died, that morning,
She was heartbroken, you see.
I bought her coffee. We sat and talked,
Me and the girl in the coffee shop.


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Parched and void of feelings
Clamoring to climb the ladder
Stepping over anyone
Who really doesn’t matter

Greed and lust, a guiding force
Always right on track
A deep seeded need to conquer
Never looking back.

Scouting and planning
She combs the conference room
Calculating her next plan
A victim she can groom

Innocence, an aphrodisiac
Lured thru a maze of doubt
A calculating player
It’s what she’s all about

Step inside, look around
Just one chance to find the door
Once she hands you a martini
You’ll forget, what you came for.



Hair on fire
Hearts galore
Moving at the speed of light
Breaking every barrier
A thief passing thru the night

Lightning round
Sweat burns
Blinded by adoration
Stripped and bare, she obliges
His propensity, degradation

Sights and sounds
Music, fame
Lights flashing on the wall
Sirens wail in the distance
Waiting for him to fall

Slight of hand
Drug of choice
Spilled out onto the floor
There’s no way to pull back
When she’s crying out for more

Lightning strikes
Beating hearts
Paralyzed with fear
She turns her head and realizes
Finally brought to tears

Moving on
Don’t look back
Keys left upon the table
No safety net, no parachute
She leaves, while she’s still able.



I marvel at the site of the ocean.
Love living near the beach.
The sounds, the smells, the feeling
Of the sand  beneath my feet.

It’s all about the sea life
Turtles, Sharks , and Man of War.
Walking and gathering treasures,
That make their way up to the  shore.

Messages in a bottle,
Old bobbers, buckets and pails,
Left behind, carelessly  abandoned
Along with a few broken shells.

A weathered piece of driftwood
A souvenir from a perfect day.
Walking  along the shoreline
Watching the pelicans at play.

Sand crabs and small children
Digging tunnels in the sand
The seagulls flying overhead
The sight of a lone fisherman.

A ball of fire extinguishing
Settling  beyond the horizon.
Slipping slowly beneath the edge
Light passing as night begins.

The moonlight now illuminates
The waves as they approach the beach
The water is now glistening
The birds have gone to sleep.

Standing on the  dunes.
The cool salt air and gentle breeze
Reminds me of the magic
Of a day spent on the beach.


Elephants do matter
They are creatures due respect.
They are massive, they are majestic.
They are animals to protect.

Why would, you want to hunt them?
So defenseless and unprotected.
Are you so shallow, so insensitive?
Were you really that neglected?

Does a gun make you feel powerful?
Does killing and maiming,  make you an man?
Does taking lives and violating,
As you tread on sacred land?

Elephants are dying
Sacrificed for greed and glory.
Their ivory sold on the black market.
There’s no end, to this sad story.

Photos taken with tail in hand
Speaks volumes about you.
What kind of sick , malicious man
Would do,  what you could do?

The whole world is now watching.
They see,  what you are capable of.
Your need to seek attention,
Your lack of respect and love.

Money, fame and glory,
Your only guiding force.
Makes us sick to our stomachs,
To know, there’s  no recourse.

We complain, as often as we can,
On Facebook and on Twitter.
Your plan to rape and pillage our planet,
Leaves us frustrated and so bitter.

We’re hoping for a miracle,
For people to come to their senses.
To stop your family from destroying us.
And, to end the need for fences.

It starts with caring for all of those
Unable to care for themselves.
We must stand up to bullying.
We must find a way to help.

It begins with protection for animals
For the young and the very old.
Then removing a power hungry man,
From what he considers to be, his throne.

We’ll take you down eventually.
Such evil cannot prevail.
The hunter will become the hunted,
Once you all end up in jail.

For now, leave the mighty elephant alone.
There is no honor in the killing,
Witnessed by her herd and calf
Such a tragic lack of feelings.













I  stopped by our local thrift store
To make a small donation
To pass along some nick nacks
I had found, while on vacation.

After dropping off a cardboard box
Some books, a vase and dvd’s
I looked out of the window
And there before me, I could see

A dumpster filled with Teddy Bears
Stuffed puppies, kittens and more.
I couldn’t help but gasp, as I realized
Just what this dumpster was for.

Their faces badly scratched and torn
I looked on in disbelief
I found myself so outraged
That I cried aloud, “Good Grief”!

No children to appeal to
No rescues, no negotiations
No one seemed to even notice
Their cries of pain and indignation.

Now, I realize what can happen
When you toss your furry friends aside
If your mom does not hang on to them
They might make their way inside.

Inside a dirty, smelly dumpster
It hurts to see them there
Forgotten, dumped and tattered
No one to hug, to love or care.

I know,  they’re just stuffed animals
But, they’re more than just a toy
They can offer tender comfort
To a lonely girl or boy.

So, keep in mind the heartbreak,
When your childhood treasures are all gone
Don’t let them end up in a dumpster
Where they surely don’t belong.


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The Longest of Goodbyes

Broken into pieces,

Shattered and afraid.

I see it in your eyes,

An empty silent gaze.

I hold your hand, in my hand.

Not knowing what to do.

You’re lost to me forever.

I can’t fix this part of you.

For years, I’ve watched you slip away.

Becoming frail and oh so weak.

A man of strength and stature.

I watch in disbelief.

By a demon, you were taken.

By a force that knows no cure.

This sad and empty feeling

Too painful to endure.

A twisted maze of tangles.

Too many to untie.

The light’s turned into darkness,

In this …. The longest of goodbyes.


  • Image downloaded from DREAMSTIME.COM

Happy Halloween

Happy, Happy Halloween
To scary ghouls, who make us scream!
With terrifying sights and sounds.
Such horror lurks, below the ground.

Arise, prepare to shock and scare
The unsuspecting, if they dare
To walk alone from door to door
To beg for candy, treats and more.

The witches wait, beneath the moon
For kiddies who will pass by soon
The cauldron bubbles, the night is young
All Hallow’s Eve has now begun.

Looking for the perfect treat
A small one passes on the street
The smell of candy’s in the air
A traveler yes…. without a care.

Snatch him up, don’t let him go!
The moon shines bright, on those below
The ambers burn, so hot the cauldron
So sweet the flavor…. of little children!

A thankless boy, you best be not
For fear, you’ll end up in the pot!
A little boy makes, such fine cuisine
For goblins, freaks and other fiends!

Best to learn, to stay in groups
Don’t wonder off, your neighbor’s stoop
Say “thank you”, when a treat is given
By the dead, or those still living.


Image from Google Images

Save Our Planet

     I was watching the news on TV last night and crying!  Hurricane Harvey had passed thru Houston, Texas. They were showing rescues, of some of the residents of  Port Arthur, Texas and from local towns and communities outside of Houston, as well.  Some of the people who had lost their homes, were financially well off.  Some were less fortunate.   Hurricanes do not discriminate.  They hit anyone and everyone in their path, to include the rich and the poor!  Unfortunately, some people don’t have the money  to replace,  what they have lost.  Some have flood insurance and can rebuild, others are  simply “out of luck”,  and at the mercy of FEMA and the Red Cross.
     I am grieving over the loss of life, resulting from this disaster!  Two young men with a boat, who volunteered to help rescue victims, became stranded by flood waters! They were, inadvertently  swept into an area , with downed power lines.  They were electrocuted!!!!! There was  an additional report , about a young mother who drowned,  while trying to save her toddler! It was an image, that  I will never be able to erase, from my mind.  The three-year old , was found clinging to her mother’s body, as the two floated down a river! These are , but a few of the  countless reports of deaths, resulting from Hurricane Harvey! It’s a disaster of epic heartbreak!
     A scientist was shown testing the flood waters, by collecting a random sample of water, in the street. The water, the people on TV are shown wading in,  is full of bacteria, feces and chemicals.  There are mass quantities of refineries, in the Houston area…leeching out GOD KNOWS WHAT!   They’re not just releasing toxins into the air, but now contaminating the flood waters, as well!
     The water has entered their homes and saturated their chairs, couches, beds, etc..  The walls of their apartments and homes, the floors, the ceilings, their kitchen cabinets,  their appliances ….all ruined!  I feel so bad,  for  the loss of everyone’s irreplaceable, sentimental possessions, and photos, as well.  It’s all,  so incomprehensibly sad!
     There are snakes, alligators, fire ants and all kinds of bugs in the water, too!  You’d think it was  something out of a Science Fiction film, except it’s real!!!!! It’s an absolute, alarming  health concern, not just a question of material loss!
     Unfortunately, it’s not over!  They are still having to let more water out of the reservoirs , to avoid collapse of the local dams. Another hurricane is brewing out in the ocean,  It’s  a looming threat, which would wreck more havoc and destruction, upon those in its path!
     One of the main problems,   is overpopulation and over development of homes and businesses,  in Houston.   The traffic in Houston is horrendous, because there are just too many people, living there!  When you have more people, you have more construction, thus taking away the natural ground and replacing it with cement and pavement, which does not absorb water.  Add to that, the fact that beneath the top soil is clay!!!!  The water that fell to the ground, had no place to go!!!!!
     This problem was partially created by the government, too!  The State regulators did away with the laws,  that would have protected the environment.  Everyone is out to make money!!!!!  They deny Global Warming and turn their backs on preserving our natural habitats, in favor of high rises and money-making businesses!   “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot”!  Joni Mitchell was spot on!!!!!
     Global Warming is a reality!  The glaciers are melting and there is more flooding occurring than ever before, all over the world…. not just in the United States.  I am just
so sad,  sad for the wildlife, sad for us and sad for the future of our planet!!!!!  And now, they  are doing away with even more regulations, allowing corporations to dump their waste and by products,  back into our lakes and rivers, thus contaminating  our water supplies!!!!!
We need Captain Kirk!!!!!  We need The Federation!!!!!
We need to try and Save Our Planet, before it’s too late!
Photo by Kevin Demmer.

So Easily Replaced….

It’s my reality, not yours.

This fantasy, I’ve built within.

You were a player, not real.

Just a figment, an imagining.


It was just a dream, I had.

You were never really there.

I imagined your face, your smile,

The chemistry we shared.


I placed my heart, upon my sleeve.

All my hopes and dreams there, too.

Believing, in the passion,

Of the love, I felt for you.


But, this isn’t love, I am feeling.

It’s an illusion, a mere obsession.

A fixation, just a memory.

Of my own, heartfelt creation.


Before I knew it, it was over.

My dreams and memories erased.

Didn’t take you long, to find another.

I was so easily replaced.


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