Ten million lies
Were told to me
I swallowed them whole
I just didn’t see.

A fantasy laden
With falsehoods and schemes
Turned my life inside out
And created this dream.

Like an artist creates
With the touch of a brush
I was led to believe
I was given so much.

Cradled and charmed
Wined and dined
Taken apart
Completely resigned.

Led to believe
This would be forever
Forsakened it all
Thought we’d be together.

The buried, the hidden
It was all kept from me
I was head over heels
I firmly believed.

Stripped down and naked
I bared it all
For the touch of her hand
I took the fall.

Replaced and abandoned
Left on my own
Torn all in pieces
Her heart made of stone.


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Hold me till I fall asleep
Please don’t leave just yet
One more day, one more night
To help me to forget.

Forget that you’ve found someone else
Someone to take my place
I can’t let go, please stay awhile
One more look upon your face.

Don’t turn away, don’t leave like this
Please, I can be better
I’ll do whatever it will take
To keep us both together.

So much time, so much at stake
Please, you have to try
She can’t be all you think she is
I begged, then started to cry.

Begging got me nowhere
Didn’t get us back on track
The heart knew what it wanted
There was no going back.


The waves keep coming, one by one
From the ocean to the shore
They keep repeating , over and over again
Across the ocean’s floor.

Sometimes harsh , sometimes fierce
The water churns and tumbles
The rhythm always constant
The sound, a resounding rumble.

The sun beats down upon my face
The blinding direct glare
The sandy beach, the seagull’s screech
The smell of salty air.

Memories, like ocean shells
Scattered, sometimes out of reach
Millions of tiny particles
Make up this sandy beach.

Your memory fades with the sunset
Like an old worn photograph
I try to remember things you said
And the times you made me laugh.

Walking along the shoreline
What fun we once had
I try to remember the good times
I try to forget the bad.

Now we’re no longer together
You’re just a girl that I once knew
But I cherish all of the memories
Of the times I spent with you.


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via Daily Prompt: Present


It’s time for you to let it go
It’s never going to change
He’s never coming back to you
It’s just more of the same.

The present is eluding you
You’re missing all that’s there
He’s moved on and so should you
He simply doesn’t care.

You’re wasting time and energy
His heart is dark and cold
Stop banging on the same old drum
This story’s getting old.

Wake up, come to your senses
Or life will pass you by
Stand up and be counted
Don’t let him see you cry.

No one wants to hear it
They’ve heard it all before
He walked out and left you
He’s gone, walked out the door.

After all the lies and pain
All that you’ve been through
Don’t let him think he won out
And got the best of you.

Pull yourself together
He’s a lying psychopath
He’s not worth your time and tears
Don’t give him the last laugh.


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via Daily Prompt: Courage


She couldn’t find the courage
She hid under a rock
She was terrified to confront him
To try and make him stop.

She ran away and hid there
Hoping he would go away
He kept looking for her relentlessly
He would look for her all day.

She could hear him in the bushes
He was looking everywhere
She was feeling really frightened
She was feeling really scared.

She managed to slip out from under
She ran as fast as she could go
She didn’t want him to touch her
She didn’t want anyone to know.

After years of being tortured
With scars upon her wrist
She knew the pain of punishment
He’d punch her with his fist.

He was evil and abusive
A poor excuse of a man
A sick demented pervert
No one would understand.

Why did she stay for so long
Putting up with the abuse?
Is a question only she knows
Knows the answer to.

She finally found the courage
She took off and never looked back
The last she heard he was killed
Someone stabbed him in the back.


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There is no greater loss
Than the loss of a child
I will never laugh again
I can no longer smile.

The pain I feel inside
Will never ever end
My heart will never heal
My heart will never mend.

A twisted human being
Took my boy from me
Why? I keep asking “why”?
How could this possibly be?

Such an act of blatant terror
He inflicted so much pain
Why would he want do this?
What did he have to gain?

How did he get a rifle?
Who is responsible?
The NRA and congressmen
They’re all accountable.

Ban the sale of ammunition
Background checks for everyone
Stop selling assault rifles
The kind that killed my son.


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Mindfulness and kindness
My mantra, my guiding light
A spirit to exemplify
Be it day or be it night.

A symbol of enlightenment
Shared and offered true beliefs
Helps to fill the emptiness
And makes my life complete.

My Buddha, just a statue,
Brings me comfort, soothes my mind
Helps to ease my burdens
My life’s purpose, to be kind.

The water from the fountain
Helps me to relax
The sound so peacefully tranquil
Helps to get my thoughts on track.

I aspire to a mindful lifestyle
To help others in time of need
To plant a garden of kindness
All you need is just one seed.

Just one random act of kindness
A hand to hold onto
Will help to ease the pain that’s felt
By others just like you.