via Daily Prompt: Patience


I’m asking for patience
I’m falling apart
It’s going to take time
To fix my broken heart.

It shattered in pieces
When you walked out the door
I’m down on my knees
Pieces down on the floor.

How did this happen?
What could I have done?
Could I have stopped this?
Have you met someone?

Why can’t you tell me?
What can I do?
This can’t be over
I’m in love with you.

There was no warning
I should have known
I should have seen it
I feel so alone.

I thought you were happy
All the romance
Candlelight dinners
Vacations in France.

All of the passion
The champagne, the wine
Intimate moments
All intertwined.

No reason to doubt
To fear or mistrust
The love that you gave me
The feelings, the lust.

It’s going to take time
Not sure what to do
To pull myself together
To get over you.


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via Daily Prompt: Incubate


It took time to incubate
For things to finally sink in
Years of thoughts percolating
Evolving from within.

The shell was cracked, flaws magnified
So clearly out of proportion
Years spent on remorse, in pain
Self-inflicted consternation.

Nursing insecurities
Feelings of self-doubt
Depending on that one person
You thought you could never live without.

Time wasted on unrequited love
Getting nothing done
Sitting alone, frozen in place
Feeling paralyzed and stunned.

What’s the point? What are you waiting for?
Waiting and hoping for someone
Who never really cared about you?
When it was over, it was done.

Waiting for the phone to ring
Years spent sitting, staring into space
Waiting for a miracle
When you’ve simply been replaced.

Nurturing thoughts, feeding the fire
Keeping memories alive
Hanging on, believing in
A feeling that has died.

What’s the point in hanging on?
Photographs and trinkets saved
Is it really your intention
To take them to your grave?

Wake up, come to your senses
Don’t waste another day
She isn’t really worth it
She left, she walked away.


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It’s an all-time low, I’m feeling sick
We have to take some kind of action
There is no way this should ever be
How could we let this kind of thing, even happen?

Firing a man, when he is able to retire
And deliberately disqualifying him for his pension
What kind of man, has this country elected?
Please impeach Trump and put him in prison.

There’s got to be something that we can do
To prevent him from taking this action
Whatever McCabe is, he doesn’t deserve
To be punished for any infractions.

Trump is evil, vile and disturbed
He is akin to the likes of Satan
Somebody please, step up and prevent him
From punishing McCabe because he hates him.

He is a punisher, seething with hate
Ready to put his offenders to death
He is shallow and cruel, an empty shell of a man
That has no ethics, morals or depth.

We’ve got to do something to block him from this
It’s not ethical to withhold a man’s pension
We’ve got to be able to stop Trump from ordering
His firing at the hands of Jeff Sessions.


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I felt frozen in time
Suspended in space
I knew it was over
When I saw your face.

My world was shattered
I fell all apart
The day that you left me
You broke my heart.

There was no warning
I didn’t know
That you were unhappy
That you wanted to go.

Nothing I said
Could change your mind
Thought I could convince you
To give us more time.

Guess I was blind
I just didn’t see
All that you wanted
Was to be free of me.


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I ordered my coffee
Sat down all alone
I needed a break
Didn’t want to go home.

I watched you walk in
You ordered a coffee
You sat at a table
Not very far from me.

I tried not to stare
But, you were so pretty
What could I do?
I was in love already.

You took out a book
One I’m reading, too
I thought to myself
I have to meet you.

Invite you to lunch?
Start a conversation?
Would you think it odd?
An uninvited confrontation?

Some people alone
Prefer to keep it that way
What would you do?
What would I say?

I took a chance
Walked over to you
Hoping you’d care
Your eyes were so blue.

“Hi! My name is Chris”
Couldn’t help but notice
We’re reading the same book
I tried to remain focused.

Can I buy you a coffee?
A Caramel Macchiato?
She smiled and said yes
I said that I’d love to.

Two hours later
She gave me her number
I hoped all along
That I’d get to know her.


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via Daily Prompt: Wrinkle


Beginning each day
A new wrinkle appears
The sun doesn’t help
To keep your skin clear.

Though you lather up
With sunscreen all day
The damage that’s done
Does not go away.

Freckles and moles
Wrinkles and scars
They won’t disappear
They stay where they are.

Time on the beach
Time spent in the sun
Will leave you blemished
Before you are done.

Sunburn and blisters
Will cause such pain
Don’t keep going back
Again and again.

You must wear a hat
And limit the time
That you will be spending
Out in the sunshine.


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Against all odds, I signed up for
My very first triathalon
I wasn’t prepared, I wasn’t ready
But, believed this was going to be fun.

I had a bike, some new swim goggles
And a speedo bathing cap
I wasn’t a swimmer, a biker or runner
But, didn’t see any problem with that.

The starting gun fired, they went into the water
I was expected to jump in, too
I joined in, swimming along
But, quickly began turning blue.

We were expected to swim out to a buoy
Go around it and head back to shore
I swam along, as fast as I could
But, soon exhausted my energy store.

The other swimmers got on their bikes
And, were already peddling away
I heard the crowd, as I got close to shore
“Come on, you can do it” they’d say.

Once on the bike, again I was slow
But, continued to peddle my TREK
Up and over the mountainous hills
Doing my best to avoid having a wreck.

After completing the run, and being stung by a bee
I had achieved the slowest of times
But, I finally did, what I came there to do
I had crossed the finish line.


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