via Daily Prompt: Noise


How can I stop the noise
Resounding in my head?
It keeps getting louder
It wakes me from my bed.

Over and over
Again and again
When will it stop
When will it ever end?

I try to forget you
I keep busy, I work, I read
I go to the movies
I blog and I tweet.

But, nothing I can do
Can block my thoughts of you
You keep creeping in
What else can I do?

You so easily moved on
You now have it all
I’m still sitting here
Waiting for your call.

My friends think I’m pathetic
They can’t understand
Why am I still pining
For such a selfish, heartless man?

You walked out the door
You never once looked back
You left me here in tears
What was it that I lacked?

I go over and over
Playing back the tapes
But, you’re not coming back
Guess I made a big mistake.


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You’re a shadow in the moonlight
A whisper in the rain
I wish I could forget you
Wish I’d never heard your name.

I hear your voice so softly
Saying, “I love you”
Can’t forget the way you touched me
The things you used to do.

The power and the passion
The fire within me glowed
The secrets that I told you
No one else will ever know.

The depth of love I gave you
I believed you’d be with me
Forever through my lifetime
I had no reason to believe.

That you’d so easily betray me
That you’d walk out on me
I’ll never know the reasons
I was blind, I didn’t see.

No one had ever looked at me
The way you used to do
I just want to forget that
I ever knew someone like you.

I don’t want to think about you
It makes me feel so sad
It was nothing but a fantasy
Why do I have to feel so bad?

I do believe in karma
But things seem to go your way
You’ve gotten everything you want
You continue to, today.

Thoughts of you are haunting
Will I ever be set free?
I am trapped inside this heartache
Left with just a memory.


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Try to erase the memory
Try to get him out of your mind
Why can’t you let go of him
Leave thoughts of him behind?

You feel tortured and distressed
Can’t you try and let him go
Can anybody help you?
It happened so long ago.

You don’t want to spend your lifetime
Having to feel this way
He’s not worth the energy
Or the hours in your day.

He occupies your daydreams
He haunts your dreams at night
None of this that’s happening
Is real, or even right.

He already has forgotten you
Doubt he recalls your name
You were just one of many
But still, you are in pain.

Will therapy or hypnosis
Help you to erase
The memories that are plaguing you
That linger in his place?

The lies and the betrayal
Should be enough to let him go
It’s an obsession that you’re feeling
It’s not love, this much you know.

Like a medical affliction
Should be a cure for what you feel
It’s just a mere obsession
What you’re feeling isn’t real.


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via Daily Prompt: Grasp


You slipped away from me
I simply lost my grasp
You ran away from me
Guess you didn’t want a bath.

I chased you around the house
Up the stairs, then out the door
Soap and water everywhere
On the ceiling and the floor.

I almost grabbed your tail
But never wanted to hurt you
Just tried to keep you clean
Free of bugs, what could I do?

Once you got outside
You were happy playing in the yard
I tried my best to care for you
I really did try hard.

Can an old dog learn new tricks?
I would say that they sure can
You figured out a way
You figured out a plan.

You knew just what to do
You saw your chance for an escape
You got yourself right out of there
You got away for goodness sake.


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JUSTICE (Part 3)

After multiple looks at the crime scene photos
No one had come up with anything News
But, the type of wire used to bind the women
Proved to be an important clue.

Turns out the wire that was used was specific
Sold at only seven local hardware stores
After multiple trips to the stores in question
It was determined what it was sold for.

The wire that was used was chicken wire
Which led the police to some local farms
Cross-checking the tire tracks and imprints
Ultimately gave them cause for alarm.

An “online” ad was soon uncovered
Helping to ID the man they suspected
A quiet man, who kept to himself
His horrific behavior so unexpected.

A search warrant obtained, they finally had cause
And were able to search his van
They were already sure, they already knew
They were about to arrest the right man.i

Duct tape, wire, and a serrated knife
A can of gasoline and bottle of chloroform
All were found in the back of his van
Tools he used to inflict pain and harm.

Handcuffed and sent straight to prison
He would soon be meeting his fate
No leniency given, no excuses
No chance for a pardon or escape.

Justice served the day he died
Though it could not bring back the victims
The pain they endured, the suffering
Had unimaginably happened to them.


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via Daily Prompt: Captivating


Love at first sight
There was no question
I fell for you
I felt the tension.

The power of lust
The pull of passion
That first kiss
My heartfelt reaction.

The look in your eyes
So captivating
I fell head over heels
My heart pulsating.

I took the plunge
I lost all control
I gave into you
I gave you my all.

But in the end
It was so clear
You took what you wanted
Then left me here.

Abandoned, rejected
Lost and afraid
You didn’t care
I had been played.

All of this time
Thinking you cared
Feeling alone
Foolish and scared.

Lessons learned
While on my journey
Hard to forget
How much you hurt me.


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SAME M.O. (Part 2)

They had found another body
Yes, it was the same M.O.
Stabbed six times in the back
Something the press was not to know.

Her body had been set on fire
Only the M.E. was aware
Of the stab wounds that were discovered
He was able to find them there.

Bound with light weight silver wire
Her feet and hands tied together
The evidence was being pooled
And would ultimately be gathered.

All the murders had taken place
In close approximation
All were in the general region
Of Brooklyn and surrounding locations.

Always found in an isolated area
With no one else around
Grassy fields and underpasses
Where the bodies would eventually be found.

Who could commit such a violent act
Had to be a sick deranged pyscho
The police were building their profile
And had already determined his M.O..

Spaced apart every 30 days
He would find a willing victim
Maybe, someone he’d given a ride to
He had a well-executed system.

All of this, just pure speculation
It would take time to gather the clues
Did he have any familiarization?
Were the victims anyone that he knew?

The method of murder had been established
The same weapon was used each time
It was an eight-inch blade with a serrated edge
It was always the same, the same kind.

The detectives were working round the clock
But they seemed to be running out of time
This guy had such a well planned means
Of committing these heinous crimes.jn


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