via Daily Prompt: Glimmer


She came out of nowhere
You knew from the start
One look at her face,
And you came apart.

You broke down and told her
You came unglued
It was too soon to say it
But you said, “I love you”.

Fixated, overwhelmed
You fell head over heels
Was this a mere fantasy?
Was this for real?

The glimmer, the glamour
When she entered a room
You were caught in her spell
Once you smelled her perfume.

The sound of her voice
The touch of her hand
The way that she held you
Too dizzy to stand.

She laid down beside you
Her touch made you weak
Excited and shaking
Your life was complete.

The moment you met her
You knew it won’t last
She wanted too much
She came on too fast.

Too good to be true
Should’a known from the start
That she would leave you
That she’d break your heart.


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YouTube Video: PULLING ME IN


Don’t disrupt the flowers
Don’t wake up the leaves
The wind is gently blowing
Don’t disturb the bees.

The butterflies are sleeping
The Dogwood is taking a nap
The weeping willow is resting
With its head in the yard’s lap.

The dew is moist and sprinkled
All over the limbs and  flowers
The large oak’s looming over
Like a tall, protective tower.

The sun up in the sky
No rain or clouds in sight
By evening they will shelter
As they make ready for tonight.


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via Daily Prompt: Disrupt


The goal is to disrupt
The prior administration
To deregulate and destroy
What’s been working for this nation.

Take away all of our freedom
Abolish our democracy
Do away with Medicaid
And put a stop to all the subsidies.

Money is for the very rich
The very top two percent
No benefits for the middle class
Who cares about their rent?

Salaries and wages
Promises you can’t keep
You lie about our benefits
You’ve got yourself in deep.

Mueller’s got your number
He’s going to take you down
Before it is all over
You’ll be driven out of town.

Hopefully, you’ll stand trial
They’ll put you all away
You, your sons, and family
Will pay the price one day.

Cavorting with porn stars
With women half your age
Taking advantage of their innocence
All the while you’re getting paid.

You’ll look great in that jumpsuit
You belong behind bars
All the lying and the cheating
Will prove just who you are.


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We don’t get together
Not like we used to do
Now there’s a wall between us
There’s nothing I can do.

I remember how we laughed
Secrets between us two
We were so close together
Now, there’s no one to talk to.

Telling you what’s on my mind
Frustrations and fantasies
Feeling safe, no judgments
Feeling free to just be me.

Lust, love and friendship
Will forever be intertwined
Powerful emotions
Now get left behind.

Life goes on, it will pass us by
What we once had is gone
No way to change or repair
The damage that’s been done.

I miss the love that we had
The tears we often shed
Now, there’s no trust or bond there
Just pain and blame, instead.

Apologies were spoken
But, left a hole inside of me
Too deep, too dark … to ever
Let go and set me free.

A casualty of disappointment
I’m afraid you let me down
The pain and hurt I’m feeling
Is too deep and too profound.

I cry each time I see you
I want to reach out and call your name
But, things have changed between us
They will never be the same.


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What makes the beating of our heart
Continue every day?
When will it come to a stop
When will we pass away?

If all we did was focus on
The beating of our hearts
Waiting for the time to come
The day when we depart.

We’d be missing out on all the fun
The laughter and the tears
We have to try and concentrate
On the day we have, right here.

Too soon it will be over
Time for us to say goodbye.
We have but only one life
Before the day we die.

We can’t look back, or too far ahead
We need to value each new day
Hopefully our last breath
Won’t be taken by us today.


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via Daily Prompt: Froth


Foaming at the mouth
Looking so insane
We had to call the cops
He was sick, it was quite plain.

The froth he was emitting
From the corners of his mouth
His teeth exposed, his snarling
The foam upon his snout.

Running round in circles
Howling to the wind
Everyone knew whose dog he was
He belonged to an old friend.

Always sweet and gentle
Played with the kids in the backyard
Always there to protect them
A formidable bodyguard.

We knew this wouldn’t end well
He’d have to be put down
This was going to be a sad day
The saddest day in town.

When my friend arrived
We all began to cry
He knew that it was hopeless
We could see tears in his eyes.

I never will forget
The sound the poor dog made
When the policeman fired his gun
No way he could be saved.

My heart was truly broken
I felt such hurt and pain
There was nothing we could do
Things would never be the same.

My friend dropped to his knees
There were no words to say
We all felt so bad
When they took his dog away.


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We take our lives for granted
We should be grateful for each day
For all life’s simple pleasures
For all the love that comes our way.

The clock is always ticking
Time is passing by
Be happy for each moment
No reason you should cry.

All the senseless arguments
Words spoken at times in vain
Don’t try to hurt each other
Try and take away the pain.

Appreciate your family
Learn to count your blessings
Life is full of messages
Intended to be lessons.

You have but only one life
One chance on the Merry Go Round
Savor all the good times
Don’t waste the love you’ve found.

Reach out and grab the brass ring
It’s there, there for the taking
Find your inspiration
Begin when you awaken.

A whole new day, a whole new world
An opportunity to begin again
Second chances are magical
A reason to smile, the new day begins.


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