You took the pieces of my broken heart
And put them back together again
You were the one that helped me to heal
You helped me to get over him.

I thought I could never feel again
My heart was so badly damaged
I couldn’t see, I couldn’t feel
I couldn’t seem to manage.

Manage to get out of bed in the morning
To force myself to eat
I couldn’t stop wanting, I couldn’t stop longing
Thought you were all, I’d ever need.

Then came the day, when you walked in
And turned my life around
You were the best thing that’s ever happened
You are the treasure that I found.

It happened by sheer accident
When I wasn’t even trying
I was sitting on a park bench
Sitting there alone and crying.

You walked over and sat down next to me
You said that he wasn’t worth it
You said that I should give you a chance
That he was far from perfect.

You bought me an ice cream, a hot fudge sundae
With whipped cream and a cherry on top
By the end of the day, you started to kiss me
I didn’t want you to ever stop.

The next day we met for coffee
At a cafe, sometime in the afternoon
We talked and shared our confidences
By evening we were gazing at the moon.

It’s been 21 years later and
I‘ve never felt so much in love
I sit and count my blessings
And thank my lucky stars above.


Image from Google Images: chocolateterrace.com


All of my tears spilled out on the floor
My heart has been bled dry
I’ve nothing left to do or say
I’ve run out of tears to cry.

When did we go from love to contempt
When did you change your mind?
What was it that I didn’t do or say?
When did I run out of time?

If I had known that we were through
That you had found someone else
Maybe I could have saved my pride
Maybe I could have saved myself.

Now I stand alone and lost
You took what you wanted and walked
Walked straight into the arms of someone new
I am devastated, still in shock.

Falling in and out of love
Comes so easily to you
You’re used to always getting your way
You get off on starting anew.

You bombard your new love with so much attention
She couldn’t possibly be thinking straight
I was overtaken with passion and lust
Overwhelmed on that very first date.

The love I was feeling was never real
It was designed by an adept psychopath
Who intended to own and pacify me
Then sit back and enjoy a good laugh.


Image from Google Images: celebratingweakness.com


via Daily Prompt: Astral

We found ourselves alone and floating thru space
With asteroids and stars all over the place
Swirling  and twisting, spinning around
Afraid if hit, we’d fall to the ground.

The cosmic barrage was everywhere
We couldn’t escape it, we felt really scared
But then by magic, they all disappeared
Along with our worry,  along with our fear.

It was at that moment that a glorious hue
Engulfed all the stars and the planets, too
It was intense like nothing ever before
So beautiful a spectacle, we cried out for more.

Sparking and twinkling, mystical and miraculous
We envisioned a universe spectacular and fabulous
By the time that the colors had all but disappeared
We found ourselves back home, just sitting here.

Was it just a dream or astral projection?
Did we ever leave, was it our imagination?
What felt like a day, was maybe a minute
It suddenly stopped, it suddenly ended.


Image from Google Images: wallpapers13.com. Cosmic-black-hole-bac


Spiraling out of control
I’m suddenly in free fall
Tumbling in the air
Soon to hit a brick wall.

Barreling along
At mach 4, my hair on fire
Wondering what to do next
You’re nothing but a liar.

Nothing left, but emptiness
You’ve taken all my pride
You turned on me and walked away
I’m broken deep inside.

You’re off to find a new love
Someone new to all your charms
You’ll wrap yourself around her
You’ll hold her in your arms.

But once you’ve grown tired of her
It will be a sad, sad day
She’ll wonder what she did wrong
When you turn and walk away.

You’ve left a trail of heartache
A ton of sadness in your wake
I should have known when I met you
That I’d made a big mistake.

But you courted and romanced me
You so freely poured the wine
All the flattery and flirting
I believed you were all mine.

What a fool I have been
What’s a girl to do?
When all along you always knew
I was not the one for you.


Image from Google Images:   crossfitnewfound.com


You once told me
I was your one and only
But then you met someone new
Now that love that was mine alone
You now share between us two.

You tried hard
To try and keep me
Hoping I ‘d never learn the truth
About the two of you together
Thought you knew, just what to do.

I trusted you
I truly loved you
I believed the things you said
All the while you were two-timing
While taking her to bed.

Leave me alone
Don’t come near me
Don’t ever talk to me again
I am done with all your cheating
I’ll never trust you, or anyone again.

If she finds out
What you are up to
Hope she sends you on your way
Hope you get what you deserve
That someday you will pay.

Pay for
All the lying
Hope you’ll feel ashamed
It’s time you got caught up with
It’s time to stop this game.


via Daily Prompt: Conversant

“Conversant”…… really?

It’s hardly a word of interest
But, I  try to be persistent.

I use the prompt each day
I do my best to find a way.

But, today I am annoyed
By the word that’s been deployed.

Should the prompt be just for fun
Or just a challenge to get done?

Is it intended to be a cue?
I thought a boost to get us through.

Is Krista trying her best to stump us….
Or just trying to get me fussed up?

Please, please give us a topic
That I won’t find so darn myopic.

Straight from the heart, I’m begging you
Give us a prompt more fun to use.


Image from Google Images: youtube.com


No guns for our school teachers
That’s not what they signed up for
Are you really serious?
I can’t take this anymore.

More guns are not the answer
Assault rifles are weapons of war
What kind of match would a handgun be
When a psycho comes through the door?

A mild-mannered educator
Whose purpose is to teach
Is not going to feel any safer
With a 9mm within reach.

An assault rifle holds a magazine
Filled with hundred and hundreds of rounds
No one has a chance to outrun them
When they are being mowed to the ground.

Raising the age to purchase
Background checks and more
Won’t stop the purchase of assault rifles
They’ll be more blood and gore.

The politicians are being paid off
By the unconscionable NRA
It’s time to stop electing
Those benefiting in this way.


Image from Google Images:  thefirearms.guide