via Daily Prompt: Funnel


I’d like to build a tunnel
One that leads to paradise
A world that’s free of hatred
Prejudice, Greed, and Vice.

What’s happened to our honor?
We once stood for liberty.
Now they plan to segregate
We are no longer free.

They’ve taken all the money
Their plan to funnel thru
As much as they can squander
With no thought, to protect you.

The lobbyists, the corporations
No longer skimming from the top
They’ve found a way to take it all
This really has to stop.

No longer a democracy
This path leads to destruction.
Isolating, devastating
A pool of vile corruption.

Threatening words, meant to be
An attempt at intimidation
Will lead to an unimaginable war
And our planet’s annihilation.

We’ve got to take our country back
Stand up to politicians
Party before country, cannot be. . . .
A viable position.


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We met at a local coffee shop,
She was standing on line, right behind me
I heard her laugh, as I asked out loud
“Can you put some honey, in my coffee”?

I felt embarrassed, somewhat taken aback
When she suggested I order a Macchiato
She knew what she was talking about
She herself, a coffee aficionado.

Her eyes were blue, her hair was long
I felt a pang of lust and wonder
I hoped she might be interested in me
Even after my flustering blunder.

She was carrying a notebook, a pad and a pen
I assumed that she was a writer
Maybe an artist of modest means
A bohemian type, an outsider.

I’m an old hippie myself, a naturalist
Not much into drinking hot coffee
She caught my eye, I loved her smile
Though, I noted she was kind of bossy.

Desperately trying to hear her name
When the barista took her order
It was then, that I began to laugh, to myself
Cause they called her, “Fluffernutter”.

What kind of name could that actually be?
Was she kidding, just goofing around?
She smiled, when she picked up her coffee cup
Went to a table and then sat it down.

Said, she often made up a name, for herself
When making her coffee selections
She thought that it was somewhat amusing
And, a good way to make a connection.

We sat together, at a table for two
I couldn’t take my eyes off her
I tried to buy her a second cup
But, she politely refused my offer

I was somewhat smitten and in awe of her
Her smile, admittedly captivating
I wanted to get to know her better
She was charming and so fascinating.

She gave me her number,​ I gave her mine,
We met for coffee, the very next day
We talked about movies​, articles, ​and books
Then had lunch at her favorite café.

She expressed herself in looks and attire
She wore scarves and colorful hats
She made me smile, she made me laugh
She was incredibly good at that.

Twenty years later, now old and gray
I’d say, life couldn’t get any better.
I never dreamed that she would marry me
That we would actually end up, together.


via Daily Prompt: Winsome


A winsome way about her
With a twinkle in her eyes
She could win you over
Walk away, then say goodbye.

If you get too close to her
Or step into her web
You’ll do anything she wants
Believe just what she says.

Narcissistic personality
A textbook psychopath
While you stand there crying
She will look at you, and laugh.

No way of getting over her
Her memory will haunt you
You’ll wish you never met her
You’ll wish, you didn’t want her.

Clearly evil personified
The devil in disguise
Be leary, when it sounds too good
Don’t look into her eyes.

If she meets you at a party
Comes up and wants to dance
Get the hell away from her
While you still have the chance.


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via Daily Prompt: Allergic


My brother has an allergy
He keeps sneezing, all over me.
He’s always wiping and blowing his nose
On me, on the furniture and even his clothes.

He finishes each sentence by saying, “AH CHOO”!
My mom didn’t know, what to do
So, she took him to an allergist
She asked around and found the best.

My brother was unable, to stop his sneezing.
There had to be a simple reason.
Was it spinach, beets or brussels sprouts?
What was this sneezing, all about?

They finally found the simple cause
They stopped his sneezing, once and for all.
It seemed to be our mom’s detergent
Making my brother feel, so allergic.

She bought it at the grocery store
It was different than, she used before.
She bought it with a grocery coupon
Who knew, it’s where this allergy came from.

So, if you start off sneezing
For no apparent reason,
Remember, it might be
A simple, “AH CHOO”. . . allergy.


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via Daily Prompt: Viable


She needed a viable organ
Her heart was broken and weak
Her parents sat at her bedside
Afraid and unable to speak.

To speak about the outcome
If an organ could not be procured
She would pass into a coma
Her voice would no longer be heard.

A little girl with dolls and toys
She loved to play outside
Now, attached to catheters and lines
A mother’s fear, so hard to hide.

She held her hand, while holding back
The flow of endless tears.
She didn’t want to upset her
Let her know, the end was near.

Just when time was running out
Word came, there was a donor
There was chance she might survive
But, a young boy’s life was over.

His mother, overcome with grief
Asked God in heaven above
To bless her decision, to donate his heart
A mother’s true gift of love.

Tears of joy, and gratitude
Tears of sadness and of pain
So sad, to realize one’s deepest loss
Being, someone else’s gain.

The gift of life, more precious
Than diamonds, or coins of gold
The kindness of a mother’s love
A priceless treasure, to behold.


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via Daily Prompt: Viable


What do you consider
To be a viable notion?
The notion of drilling
And polluting our oceans?

The ease at which garbage
Can be dumped and thrown
Onto our streets,
Into places unknown?

Companies disposing of
Chemical waste
Into our rivers, our streams
Any place?

Manufacturing, dumping
Waste fields galore
Into our sewers, filling
Ponds and much more?

How about . . . .
An alternative fund
Of energy thru wind
Solar and sun?

No need, to have to
Go underground
Mining for coal
In northern towns.

Get the men, up
Out of the mines
Out in the open
Utilize the sunshine.

We need to honor the
State of our planet
Take care of this world
Not take it for granted.


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via Daily Prompt: Treat


I never thought
You’d treat me, this way
Cast me aside,
Such harsh words to say.

How did we go
From, “I’ll love you, forever”
To, “We shouldn’t be,
Should not be, together”?

Where did you meet her?
At work, in the park?
While riding the subway
Coming home, after dark?

Drinks at the bar
Her apartment close by
She invited you over
So you told me, some lie?

Texting and messaging
The middle of the night
Thought, I was sleeping
You turned out the light.

You really don’t care
That, you’ve broken my heart
I’m crushed, all in pieces
My world, torn apart.

I never thought
You’d treat me this way
Cast me aside
Then… just walk away.


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