I stood near the dumpster
The trash was piled real high
There under a blanket
I could see those sad blue eyes.

They were fixed and they were open
Couldn’t help, but start to cry
His hair was long and matted
It fell across his eyes.

Nervously got out my phone
I quickly called …911

Couldn’t wait, wanted to leave
I had the urge to run.

The local sheriff , first to arrive

Lights flashing red and white

The body was as cold as ice

Musta been there overnight.

“What do we have here?” , he casually said,
“Looks like this boy is gone
Yep, I’m afraid that he is dead

Guess something had gone wrong.

No hint of true emotion

He called on his radio

“Send the wagon , when you can

This boy’s ready to go.”

He asked me for my number
Took my name and my address
Said, that he would be in touch
Once they cleaned up this mess.

The Medical Examiner
Arrived, was on the scene
Forensics and detectives
The entire forensic’s team.

Before a crowd had gathered
I was chilled down to the bone
I walked away , all by myself
I was anxious to get home.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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