Beyond the clearing, there in the woods
Walking through, I tried as I could
Not to disturb the hidden creature
I knew he was one hell of a screecher.

I saw him peeking from inside the thicket
I heard a sound, I thought was a cricket
His eyes were glassy, his teeth were green
He was the strangest creature, I’d ever seen.

Pointy ears and upturned nose
Legs like a deer with funny orange toes.
He watched from afar throughout the day
Never getting too close, always staying away.

My secret desire was to see a unicorn
Rumor had spread that one had been born.
Could it really be? I thought curiously
I really hoped that I’d get to see.

As darkness approached, we knew we should go
It was getting colder and it started to snow
A light jacket was all that I’d been wearing
We had to walk back, to get to the clearing.

We headed out, no reason to run
The day was ending the night had begun
The creature wanted to be on his own
He wouldn’t attack if we left him alone.

Planned to return the very next day
Hoping that he would not run away
As long as we’re quiet, he would be too
He was afraid, afraid of us two.


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via Daily Prompt: Imagination


Was it your imagination
Or did you just see a gnome?
While walking thru the forest
On your way back home?

Did you see the fairy?
Did you see the unicorn?
The forest is enchanted
Did you see her golden horn?

There are creatures everywhere
In the shrubs and in the trees
They are all so friendly
It’s so easy to believe.

The creatures are all magical
They can make your dreams come true
They can turn your hair from brown
Into a shade of blue.

Candy is their specialty
JuJubees or sticks of gum
Chocolate covered peanuts
Enough for everyone.

Meet the princess of the forest
She’ll invite you in for tea
She’ll serve periwinkle sandwiches
She’ll treat you graciously.

No need for you to be afraid
No need to be withdrawn
If you’ve no imagination
All the creatures will be gone.

Suspension of reality
Imagining and make pretend
Are the actions that are needed
To bring them back again.


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I’ll meet you for coffee
I’ll be there at four
I hope we can talk
I’ll be by the door.

I’ll try to convince you
To give me a chance
To open your heart
Entertain this romance.

Life is so short
You’ve been on your own
Why would you want to
Be all alone?

Stressed out all day
All by yourself
Wouldn’t it be better
If you had some help?

I reach for your hand
But, you pull away
Is it just me
Or are you afraid?

No pressure, no insistence
No worries, no threats
Just hoping you’ll consider
And, you won’t regret.

Letting me go
Without even trying
Could be a mistake
You might end up crying.

All that I want
All I can do
Is tell you the truth
I’ve fallen for you.


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Where are the angels when you need them most?
Don’t send me a demon, don’t send me a ghost
When I’m scared and afraid, I call out your name
Please come and protect me, I loudly exclaim.

My angel is close, never too far away
She’s always there, to chase my fears away
I’m never lonely, never left on my own
I’m never abandoned, I’m never alone.

She comforts and guides me, makes me feel safe
She keeps me away from a cold and deep grave
With her, by my side, I am free to explore
I can feel safe to walk thru, almost any door.

Darkness escapes me when she is near
She’s always beside me, she’s always here
When I am in trouble, when I am in pain
I know she will come, I’ll feel better again.

If you are sad and can’t face the day
My advice to you, is to try and pray
Ask for an angel, to come to your rescue
Ask for an angel, to always be with you.


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via Daily Prompt: Congregate


We have the right to congregate
To protest what isn’t right
To stand up and call for justice
To not give in, without a fight.

We all know that assault rifles
Are considered weapons of war
The NRA and the politicians
Know exactly what they’re for.

It’s all about the money
They won’t give up a dime
They’re going to be forced to
We all know that it’s time.

Too many innocent children
Were senselessly gunned down
Now we’re coming together
Our voices have been found.

Change is on the horizon
We’ll see you at the polls
Electing honest politicians
Has now become our goal.


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You took the pieces of my broken heart
And put them back together again
You were the one that helped me to heal
You helped me to get over him.

I thought I could never feel again
My heart was so badly damaged
I couldn’t see, I couldn’t feel
I couldn’t seem to manage.

Manage to get out of bed in the morning
To force myself to eat
I couldn’t stop wanting, I couldn’t stop longing
Thought you were all, I’d ever need.

Then came the day, when you walked in
And turned my life around
You were the best thing that’s ever happened
You are the treasure that I found.

It happened by sheer accident
When I wasn’t even trying
I was sitting on a park bench
Sitting there alone and crying.

You walked over and sat down next to me
You said that he wasn’t worth it
You said that I should give you a chance
That he was far from perfect.

You bought me an ice cream, a hot fudge sundae
With whipped cream and a cherry on top
By the end of the day, you started to kiss me
I didn’t want you to ever stop.

The next day we met for coffee
At a cafe, sometime in the afternoon
We talked and shared our confidences
By evening we were gazing at the moon.

It’s been 21 years later and
I‘ve never felt so much in love
I sit and count my blessings
And thank my lucky stars above.


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All of my tears spilled out on the floor
My heart has been bled dry
I’ve nothing left to do or say
I’ve run out of tears to cry.

When did we go from love to contempt
When did you change your mind?
What was it that I didn’t do or say?
When did I run out of time?

If I had known that we were through
That you had found someone else
Maybe I could have saved my pride
Maybe I could have saved myself.

Now I stand alone and lost
You took what you wanted and walked
Walked straight into the arms of someone new
I am devastated, still in shock.

Falling in and out of love
Comes so easily to you
You’re used to always getting your way
You get off on starting anew.

You bombard your new love with so much attention
She couldn’t possibly be thinking straight
I was overtaken with passion and lust
Overwhelmed on that very first date.

The love I was feeling was never real
It was designed by an adept psychopath
Who intended to own and pacify me
Then sit back and enjoy a good laugh.


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