via Daily Prompt: Simplify


What can we do to simplify
The complexities of living
Living in a world so hostile
So hateful and unforgiving?

Every day we read the news
We watch it on TV
The hatefulness of government
The lack of honesty.

Racist and homophobic
White men wearing suits
Plotting and planning our demise
No telling what they’ll do.

If you aren’t really one of them
White skinned and fair complexion
You might consider moving on
Heading in another direction.

Canada is looking good
Should be practicing my french
Scared to death they’ll pass a law
I could end up getting lynched.

Spewing hate, closing borders
Putting an end to immigration
Labeling and ostracizing
No end to his condemnation.

Let’s get back to a simpler time
Free of discrimination
When a president stood for honor
Not just financial compensation.

He’s lacking integrity and morality
Love of country should come first
Not chasing the almighty dollar
While filling up his purse.

Offshore banks, inside trading
Blind trusts and hidden accounts
How much has he scammed so far?
No one knows the true amount.

The ceiling raised, his taxes plummet
The stock market’s out of control
He takes credit for benefits
For the rich, with no regard for the old.

The poor, the sick, they’re on their own
To him it doesn’t matter
He has plenty of money in the bank
This fat cat keeps getting fatter!


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Fish heads in the kitchen sink
Too many there to count
Her dad was oh so proud of himself
He kept announcing the amount.

Thirty, maybe forty heads
No longer swimming in the ocean
Her dad had set his net and rope
The catch was set in motion.

She was just a little girl
With pigtails and yellow ribbons
Her mom began to cook the fish
Her dad said they would eat em.

Fish heads in the kitchen sink
A scary sight to see
What happened to their bodies
Left there floating in the sea?

Sad and feeling helpless
She suddenly felt sick
The sight was overwhelming
And the aroma awfully thick.

Eyes and fins lay piled on high
A memory to last forever
Sitting there in their kitchen sink
Just lying there together.

From that day on the little girl
Decided to be vegan
Anything with eyes for her
Was never to be eaten.


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via Daily Prompt: Tend


Who is going to tend to
And manage your affairs
Once you’re six feet under
Will anyone still care?

Your jewelry, your tea cups
Your possessions every one
Who is going to get them
When it’s over, when it’s done?

Fighting over this and that
Who knows what they will do?
Will your kids fight and argue
Will they argue over you?

“She liked you best, no she didn’t
You were always her favorite”
What to do with everything
Even your gold bracelet?

Best to figure it out now
To avoid all the confusion
Take the time to label things
Talk it out, the best solution.

Bottom line, you’ll be gone
No longer there to referee
After all is said and done
You’ll be just a memory.


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Step aside, I’m moving out
I won’t get in your way
I’m tired of broken promises
And everything you say.

Lies all lies, nothing more
But empty hollow words
I can’t make any sense of it
It’s all just too absurd.

All the while, you always knew
You ‘d leave me in the end
The word “forever” wasn’t true
It was nothing but pretend.

Stepping stones that’s what we are
Those you’ve left behind
Just a trail of broken hearts
It happens every time.

Candlelight and caviar
Champagne and sweet romance
You held me close in your arms
Together we slow danced.

But boredom, simple conquest
Love of money, easily blamed
Doesn’t matter what I feel
In the end, it’s just a game.


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via Daily Prompt: Bewildered


Feeling quite bewildered to hear the news today
Seems our fearless leader wants his own parade
Seen with his hand to his head in a military salute
Thinking he is patriotic is a fact we should refute.

It’s all about his ego, his need for accolades
Our veterans cannot benefit from such narcissistic ways
Weekends spent at Mar a Lago, obliviously playing golf
Will not help our country ever get our problems solved.

Does Muller have all he needs, to put this guy in prison?
Can he stop his intent on destroying our proud nation?
Emoluments, nepotism, money laundering and more
I can’t help but wonder, what are we waiting for?

No care, or concern for the plight of the weak
No help, or thought of those who are meek
Giving more to those who obviously need it less
Turning this country into one heartless, brutal mess.

It’s all about him, he’s not thinking of us
If his family can benefit, for him that’s a plus
Healthcare and welfare don’t matter to him
But if it benefits the wealthy, you can count him in.

Will good prevail over evil? I can’t help but have my doubts
Every day it gets worse, I can’t figure it all out
Will we ever recover from the damage that’s been done?
Seems we are in here worrying, while he’s out having fun.

I won’t salute a leader who has no regard for honor
As a veteran myself, his actions I do ponder
I’m shaking my head, trying hard to understand
How in the hell we ever elected this man?


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via Daily Prompt: Enroll


Hoping to enroll you
In the school they call, “Hard Knocks”
You’ve been getting nowhere
You’re nothing but all talk.

Hype and scam your M.O.
But, I am on to you
Tired of all your bullshit
Not one word you say is true.

Empty broken promises
All you’ve left behind
When do you own up to
This senseless waste of time?

Fast-talking, pure deception
Think you’ve got it going on?
You’re nothing but a sleazy
Half rate, lying cheating con.

You have to crawl before you walk
You can’t start at the top
You’ve got to put your time in
The lying has to stop.

Who’s going to believe you
You’ve been abusing everyone
What happens when it’s over
When all is said and done?

There’s no one you can count on
You’ve burned every single bridge
You need to start all over
Make amends for what you did.

Change your ways, clean up your act
Make truth your new endeavor
Try to get your life on track
Please pull yourself together.


Image from Google Images: intuitionology.com


Bare and naked, I stand alone
Stripped of pride and dignity
On my own you left me here
You walked away from me.

Years pass by, time moves on
I stand here marred and maimed
Looking for some answers
Still feeling I’m to blame.

Selfishly you cast aside
The memories we made
Traded up for someone new
How much does she get paid?

It’s all about the money
The status, the lifestyle
How far can she advance you?
Enough to make you smile?

If someone better comes along
You’ll leave her high and dry
She’ll be left remembering
Your charming alibis.

How many left, how many scorned?
How many hearts are broken?
Wish I never heard those words
The last words that were spoken.

“I’ll always love you, that won’t change”
Forget your blatant lies
The echo of your empty words
Can only make me cry.

You’re not worth the heartache
The senseless gnawing pain
I hope I never see you
Or have to speak to you again.

Psychopaths and robbers
You’re all one in the same
You take love and trample it
For you, it’s all a game.

The innocent, the vulnerable
Ah, such easy prey
I was your next victim
Till you turned and walked away.

Years I waited, waited for you
What a senseless waste of time
It was so easy leaving me
Leaving me behind.

Such a fool, I trusted you
Gave you all you said u wanted
Now I’m left with nothing but
A memory that’s haunted.


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