via Daily Prompt: Cherish


Cherish the time
The moments that linger
Hold on tight
They’ll slip thru your fingers.

The touch of her hand
The look in her eyes
The smiles, the fun times
The tears you have cried.

You can’t get them back
Once they have passed
The grasp you have now
It will never last.

Before you know it
The time has passed by
No second chances
You’re saying, Good bye.

The time that you had
Has now slipped away
Have no regrets
Make sure that you say

All the I love you’s
All the thank you’s
Tell her she matters
She matters to you.


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via Daily Prompt: Mild


They said he was mild mannered
Lived just down the road
Always waved, as we walked by
Always did, what he was told.

He was only five then
Just a little boy
Often seen in his front yard
Quietly, playing with his toys.

Then one day, when he was ten
I looked outside my window
That’s when I realized
He was born to be a hero.

His sister who was 4 year’s old
Was playing in the yard
She wandered toward the roadway
I could see the nearing car.

The driver who was speeding by
Was carelessly on his smart phone
He didn’t see the little girl
Or, where she might have come from.

The little boy looked over
His sister walking toward the street
He jumped up and grabbed her
Before, she fell right underneath

The wheels of the screeching car
That were heard from miles around
He had saved his little sister,
But, his head had hit the ground.

I immediately called 911
Before heading out the door
Once I reached the little boy
I knew what destiny had in store.

His words have echoed, thru my head
During countless days of doubt
He had the answer, knew what was right
He had life figured out.

Just before he closed his eyes
He reached out to hold my hand
I smiled and reassured him
He said, “I did the best I can”.


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Gum drops and cookies
Hot chocolate and snow
Sprinkles and icing
Fun places to go.

Sledding and sitting
On Santa Claus’ lap
Wearing my snowsuit
My gloves and my cap.

Finding a tree
At least, six feet tall
Tying it up
On top of dad’s car.

Watching the snowflakes
Fall from the sky
The moon and the stars
The night passing by.

Rudolph and Santa
Know, where I live
I hope they’ll bring toys
And, my sister’s new crib.

My brother wants crayons
An X Box and shoes
I’d like an I pad
For just me, to use.

Decorations are up
We spent the day skating
Now, I watch from the window
Might fall asleep waiting.

Hoping, Santa’s big sleigh
Can land on our roof
And, remembers my brother said
“Shoes” and not boots.

So many children
Such a long list
I wish I could see him
If only a glimpse.

Rudolph’s my favorite
I watch in the sky
For a small red ball
Before, closing my eyes.

His nose is so bright
He’ll lead the way
You can see them flying
You might hear their sleigh.

Jingle bells ringing
Spreading good cheer
When you hear, “ Ho Ho Ho”
You’ll know, they are near.


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via Daily Prompt: Communal


They share the communal library,
The pool, the grill and the patio
The community room, a germ fest
Of old books, magazines and videos.

Time spent talking with neighbors
Sun bathing in “out of date” swimsuits
Sipping their afternoon cocktails
While eating their melons and grapefruits.

Playing Canasta and Bingo
Passing the time of the day
Gossiping, cackling and lollygagging
Laughing the hours away.

They arrive every year, around Christmas
To escape the snow and cold weather
Often referred to as “Snowbirds”
They love spending time, altogether.

They call their homes “condominiums”
They’re buildings that all look alike
They line the beaches of Florida
They bask in the sun and moonlight.

Their jewelry, and gaudy nail polish
Will more than draw your attention
Their ardent display of zirconium
Can’t help, but flaunt their pretension.

Missing New York and New Jersey
Time spent, sitting out on their stoops
They eat their fair share of our grouper
Their balconies, a mere substitute.

Gathering poolside for parties
Cookouts, picnics and more
They love sitting down by the ocean
They love living close to the shore.

They’ll head on home, before summer
Bags of oranges and suitcases in hand
They may have added a few wrinkles
But won’t care, as long as they’re tan.


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via Daily Prompt: Torn


The loss is too much
The memories too many
My world’s come apart
I no longer have any…

Any hope or belief
Any faith in myself
Stripped of my pride
I know, I need help.

Each day passes by
I try to believe
Once time has passed
I’ll no longer need…

Need your attention
Or your company
I will stand on my own
I will finally be free.

Depending upon
The opinion of others
The need to belong
To need one another.

Is smothering, incapacitating
Cruel and unfair
Why did I listen?
Why do I care?

I remain captive
I need to let go
Forget what you’ve said
Stop stooping so low.

All of the power
That, I gave it to you
How foolish I was
Who knew, what you’d do.

Tattered and torn
I’ve fallen apart
You’ve broken my spirit
You’re broken my heart.


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via Daily Prompt: Miraculous


The nights were long
I wasn’t strong
My hands were numb, more pain to come.

I lost my mind
I lost my hair
My hearing waned, and I was scared.

My eyesight weak
I couldn’t see
My vision blurred, no peace for me.

My tears were warm
My fingers cold
The poison fierce, intentions bold.

There seemed no chance
To come around
To lose this grasp, upon me now.

I had to try
Or say goodbye
To all I loved, and so I cried.

But, in the end
A day did come
When I found strength, it had begun

A new found scan
They had a plan
I had to do, all that I can

To see the light
To try and fight
Just one more day, just one more night

It was miraculous
Divinely clear
One day the pain… just disappeared.


via Daily Prompt: Calling


Calling out for help
Can’t you see, I’m drowning?
The walls are caving in
The pain is so astounding.

The darkness closes in
I can’t see the light
I can’t find my way out
Nothing’s turned out right.

Blinded by my past
Immobilized and down
No reason to even try
No hope left, to be found.

Tethered to mistakes
Unable to break free
Judged by my past actions
Has proved too much for me.

Reaching out and desperate
I’ve tried to find a way
Holding on and frantic
I’ve watched hope slip away.

It’s faded in the distance
It’s lost forever more
No chance to be recaptured
The lock’s now on the door.

Facing the finality
I’m lost, no chance remains
Stripped of all I valued
Left with only guilt and blame.